Loving Lately in Summer...

Cute and comfy shoes with a heart for charity...washi tape polka dots made easy...using glitter to combat Monday-itis...homemade Kit-Kat bars...and the talented Kal Barteski...all things I'm loving lately...


1. Since when are shoes cute AND comfy? I know TOMS have been around forever for some, but we don't see them all that often in Oz...so I decided what better time of year to test out a pair than when I seem to spend half my days wearing cut off denim shorts...shorts + TOMS = sweet....well I think so anyway :) BUT, having seen them in person now...I'm thinking they could well become a wardrobe staple. With shipping to Australia, and the added bonus that for every pair you buy, they donate a pair of shoes to those in need...what's not to love?

2. How simple but effective is this idea? Moments to Live For has a great DIY post about combining 2-3 strips of washi tape, then using a paper punch to create colourful polka dot stickers to decorate stuff. Love it Sabine...totally using this for something soon!

3. You know I not-so-secretly have a crush on everything Laura Blythman does...that crush went up a level when I saw this gold foil limited edition print. The sentiment is just as cool too...I felt like throwing glitter in Monday's face this week!!

4. I've never tried to re-create mainstream chocolate bars at home....but this post from A Beautiful Mess showing super easy homemade Kit-Kat bars has me tempted. Thinking outside the box, whilst the chocolate was still all melty, you could sprinkle them with all kinds of extras such as honeycomb crunch/peanut brittle/cherry ripe chunks. Now I have a craving for something sweet and all I have in the fridge is grapes...*sigh*

Lastly, below is a short video by Blurb about Kal Barteski. Her script work seems to be everywhere lately, and I love the bold look combined with her trademark sayings...when they're all stuck up together on a wall together they look amazing hey! 

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