Feathered Arbour

A lovely store known as the Feathered Arbour that we discovered on a detour into the city...where bowerbird behaviour is encouraged...and collecting little treasures to line your nest with is an almost certainty.


Lately I am finding myself drawn more to exploring the Melbourne outside of the central city grid. Ever since I was old enough to take the train from Bendigo to the city, the CBD was where my friends and I headed....it was my safety net of shopping. I had a well worn  map tucked away in my purse, and I knew how to get from Spencer Street station to Myer/Allan's Music (sheet music obsession!) and back...and that was it.  Despite being directionally challenged, and with an intense dislike for navigating dating back to the dawn of time, I know where I am most of the time. Over the years I've put a lot of hours into those main streets and the `littles' that connect them....and gradually learned more. I love the river and the giant department stores...the small stores in interconnecting lane ways. I love that I have my favourite haunts for books and hot chocolates, indie magazines and macarons. I love feeling small against the skyscrapers and the dome of the reading room at the State Library. Around every corner is a hotel we've once stayed in, and a restaurant we've met friends at. We have favourite places to meet before we head off into the night exploring the city. But lately something has been tugging at my sleeve...wanting me to wander further out....


And so, with the invention of Google maps and turn by turn navigation in my bag no matter where I may find myself...I'm becoming curious and wanting to leave the comfort zone that is the city grid. Lucky for me, Luke doesn't seem to care if I nominate a random cafe or shopping find from a blog somewhere that creates a detour. As long as there's time to make it to the footy, we're all good :) My dream would be to find a warehouse conversion space to stay on Air BnB where I could spend my annual leave, living like a local...pottering around the suburb with a coffee in my hand...discovering gorgeous independent stores like this one.


Feathered Arbour describe themselves as a lifestyle homewares store designed to inspire the magpie/bowerbird in all of us. Sophie and Julie will inspire you with beautiful treasures from local, Melbourne, and Australian designers infused with inspirational, handmade and ethical finds from global sources. We want to enable our customers to shape their interiors story, combining fashion and trends with things we love, things that will make you smile and things that will tell a story...


I love the mention of the bowerbird. I imagine that might be kind've what I look like as I'm shopping in a store such as this...wandering around in my own little world...wearing rust coloured tights...picking up things I'm drawn to (hello blue).  In the end, I place my collection at the front counter and make the difficult choice...which of my gathered treasures will I be bringing home to my nest.


After shopping, we found a sweet little deli nestled amongst the terrace lined streets of Carlton. We sat down the back away from the winter chill and ate toasted sandwiches before heading into the city where we were staying the night. 

For the record, I'm bringing a little blue plate back to my `nest'...I'm already dreaming about what sweet treat I'm going to bake next, and photograph on the plate to share with you.

You will find Feathered Arbour at 430 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North. 

If you've got a favourite to share let me know, I'm always looking for more places to discover! 

Design Resources: Mossy 

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