Loving Lately in June

For June...some delicious handmade trinkets by Katie...some stationery that is so very pretty from Anthropologie...some behind-the-scenes goodness from the lovely Pia...a great interview with Amber from The Woodsfolk...and a video of somewhere that could very well be my idea of heaven on earth :)

1. Dear Delilah Handmade: I've been lucky enough to sit down over a delicious bowl of hot chocolate in a hidden lane way cafe with Katie to discuss all things blogging and Etsy and I'm so excited she's started her own online store. You'll find all kinds of gorgeous handmade trinkets & jewellery…some of which involve the use of a vintage typewriter…and specialising in snow globe and glitter bottle necklaces. Love your style Katie!

2. Anthropologie `Every Occasion Notecard Set': What's not to love about these…the meandering typography, the combination of citrus and pink with grey envelopes…and the sliver of colour on the edges. In a way it's probably a good thing there isn't an Anthropologie in Australia because I might go broke…having said that, it will be one of the first stores I check out in NYC…I don't care how jet lagged I am! Thx to Marika for sharing these with me :)

3. My Heart Wanders: photographs from the book & design discussions: You know I'm a massive fan of Pia…and her book…and then there's my obsession with knowing how things are put together in `behind the scenes' type posts…so this is basically a combination of all of those delicious things. The photography in her book is just stunning…and last year she shared a serious of posts about how she put some of these shots together…naturally I bookmarked before I'd read a word because I knew I'd be returning time and again :)

4. Interview on Show & Tell with Amber Clohesy of The Woodsfolk: The Woodsfolk store is everywhere lately…and once you've browsed this post and the official website itself you will know why...so freaking gorgeous. I cannot wait to visit in person...but until then I'll just have to drool over the photos. I love interviews with women who have taken something they have dreamt of, and run with it, and turned it into the kind of success that only really comes from doing what you truly love. This is Amber to a tee…great interview.

Lastly, this video. Basically this place would have been like heaven on earth for me (possibly only improved by having free jars of Nutella with unlimited tastings in one corner of the warehouse). Koji Iyama, a Japanese designer, used washi tape to transform this warehouse into a giant decorative masking tape installation for an exhibition for the brand mt. But seriously, stop reading, just watch it... *swoon*

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