Favourite Things

Some new favourite things that I've picked up lately...including an owl necklace, a hot pink jacket to brighten up the grey days of winter...an unintentionally matching polka dot umbrella...and a sweet little thank you parcel from a Kick Starter campaign.

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1. I love this time of year because of jackets, tights and boots...so when I came across a deliciously bright (and warm!) jacket by Kinki Gerlinki on sale, I had to give it a home :)  Love using splashes of colour to brighten up an otherwise grey winter!

2. Do you ever go shopping with someone, see them fall in love with something, and then go back after you've parted ways to buy it for them? I picked up this sweet little necklace from The Square market recently. It's by Itchy Bird & it's all kinds of cute...I'm giving it as a Christmas present :) I'm not normally this organized...but end of year travel means attempting to think of these things in advance...

3. I find it impossible to remember to drink enough water. Ever year I make a NY resolution to improve...and I think this year I might be making progress thanks to this frappe cup by Typo. For some reason I drink more water through a `straw' than I do if I have to drink repeatedly from a regular bottle. Go figure...but this frappe cup looks sweet & it follows me around the house on weekends to keep up my water intake. So far so good. You can find Typo products in Bendigo's Cotton On store.

4. New iPhone cover.  Have you noticed I find it hard to ignore polka dots? :) This one was about $5 on eBay...here's a link to the seller. I'm pretty rough with my iPhone so I have to switch out cases often...which works out well because I love choosing new cases.

5. In the continued spirit of brightening up a grey winter, and loving polka dots...this umbrella from Kikki K is just the right kind of dramatic. I love the combination of black/pink/orange with a light wood handle. It feels pretty sturdy too...I frequently kill umbrellas and this one has lasted me longer than most so far.

6. I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for Dumbo Feather's iPad app & they sent me a Dumbo Feather Keep Cup, a copy of their first edition magazine from way back when...and a tote bag! I think that would be an awesome job to work on the concept of an iPad app design wise and see it evolve from start to finish. Not sure about the programming side ;) Anyway if you're interested in the progress...the app is *this close* to being approved by Apple...I can't wait to check it out. The magazine itself is by creatives, about creatives...so it's sure to be amazing :)

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Design Resources:  Miss Tina label, Mathilde font, Leora Sanford frame

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