What's On Your...

What's on your...? Answering a Q&A myself...from Lykke Li to why I painted my dining room red...saw this idea on Ali Edward's blog and am borrowing it for something different :)

What’s on your…..?

Vanity: I don’t really have a serious grown-up vanity…so I’m going with the chest of drawers in our room for this one. A wooden box that holds the spare buttons that come attached to new outfits, my rarely worn watch & random receipts. A photo of me and my Dad…and an Apple TV

Perennial To-Do List: Move into the study so my mess doesn’t take over the whole dining room (actually did this one last weekend...finally!!) Pull out the dead plants around the fence line of the backyard and try again to keep the next lot alive (so not a green thumb!). Go find the Sticky Institute (photo credit) next time I’m in Melbourne…I always forget when I’m actually there.

Refrigerator Shelves: Five AM yoghurt (my all time favourite!)…maple syrup (because pancakes should always be a possibility), and Nudie apple juice…love that stuff.

Itinerary: My sister’s bridal shower and wedding (both in regional Victoria) are first up on the horizon. After that I’m looking forward to flying to Hobart (Tasmania..pictured) to visit her for my birthday weekend.  And our trip to NYC still feels like forever away but it will creep up on us before you know it.

Fantasy Itinerary: Paris, always Paris. But I have a soft spot for South Africa as well…one day!

Playlist: Most recently starred in Spotify…”This Fire” by Birds of Tokyo, “Royals” by Lorde, “Gimme Sympathy” by Metric, “Paris Blue” by Lykke Li, “The World At Large” by Modest Mouse and “Madness” by Muse

Nightstand: Frappe glass by Typo, Product Red smartcover for iPad (I only use it when reading), and lip balm.

Workout Plan: Missing riding my bike (I stop after daylight savings ends and pick it back up in October) so I should get back into Spin soon. But, with the wedding on the horizon, I'm mostly at the gym every night...except for walks to break it up a bit.

iPhone: Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get on board Instagram but browsing my feed over breakfast is one of my new favourite things. 26 app updates waiting (my record is 99…I’m a terrible app updater). Newest app added: Amazing Face by Zoe Foster. Last photo taken: my duffle coat & striped tee. Last text sent: telling my sister the wedding guest book we designed has just been shipped all the way from Oakland, CA.

Top 5 List: (reading this as my top 5 favourite things today) Brunch at Old Green Bean with Luke before he heads to the footy. Listening to Riley making snuffling noises as he naps next to the central heating vent. Looking forward to making roast pumpkin & barley salad for dinner. About to start browsing Pinterest for bridal shower decoration ideas…I’m hoping to include giant clear balloons with confetti inside them in some way. Getting out scissors, glue & cardstock to finish off a pressie for my friend and her new baby Oliver this afternoon.

Walls of your favourite room in your house: My dining room has rich red walls…my favourite colour…a little unconventional but when we have friends over for dinner and the lights are dimmed with candles it’s one of my favourite moments that just wouldn’t be the same without red!

VISA Card: The last thing I bought was a grey skirt for work, and two stretchy coloured camisoles for winter layering…both from Target

Screensaver: I have the standard Mac origami folds of images at the moment…except instead of being pointed at my photo library, it’s going through my digital paper library…I love all the contrasting patterns & it reminds me of stuff I haven’t seen or used for ages!

TV: Right this second, a Drew Barrymore interview from Katie is paused on Foxtel waiting for when I start cooking.  At the moment I'm watching New Girl, Happy Endings & trying to catch up on Grey's Anatomy...and looking forward to the return of Offspring! (just went and re-watched last season's final scene on YouTube...love!)

Idea borrowed from Ali Edwards. Frame by Katie Pertiet.

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