Inspired By: Owls

Some of my favourite owl related finds on Etsy & Pinterest...and local crafter Bok Bok B'Gerk. I hope you like this little (or maybe not so little!) collection :)

1. It all started when I spotted this sweet little PJ Pillow Pal by Annabel Trends on Chantelle Grady's blog post "Introducing Soren". I emailed her to find out where she found it & she was lovely to reply with the details (Olive Home in Paddington).  The above is her photograph from her newborn's nursery.  As a side note...add Chantelle's blog to your feeds...she's a stylist living in Brisbane and she does beautiful've probably already come across it in the many magazines she contributes to...and she's also just released a book :)
2. Kristina Werner's DIY card making videos are really popular...she uses a lot of stamping and Copic markers (which are a mystery to me but I love the effects of them!) & she just makes everything look so easy.
3. You can find this In Flight Tee by Just Add Sugar at Birdsnest
4. Bok Bok B'Gerk's owl brooch is available in their online store here, or locally at View Point Handmade Gallery...thanks to Jess for snapping this pic for me :)

On a side note, the only time I've ever seen an owl outside of the movies was the time one flew onto our decking at night and got its foot stuck in our fairy lights. Riley was waiting underneath with his mouth open...and we were freaking out not sure how to approach the terrified claw-bearing owl...but as suddenly as he arrived, he untangled himself and wooshed off into the night. He was huge and snow white and looked like he'd lost his way on route to the set of a beautiful.

Onto Etsy finds. Now, I had trouble narrowing down my choices as you can tell...owls are everywhere...but in my book there's no such thing as too much Etsy :)

1. Pattern for a crocheted Owl by Fresh Stitches...something I wish I was good at but sadly yarn creations and I will never coexist...what a cutie though!
2. Faux-leather iPad case (for all sizes) lined with owl fabric by Vintage Fabric Finds...currently with a 10% off sale
3. Rustic porcelain owls by Oenopia in Paris...come as a pair approx 2" high. I love how textured and minimalistic they look...perfect for a window sill or a bookshelf.
4. Argh...this sweet little hand decorated mug expired as a listing just before I posted...but check out Miscalainey for some other unique mugs.
5. Owl Knit Neck Warmer for your dog from All You Need Is that not the best Etsy store name? :) Made to your dog's!

Random owl fact I learned when browsing: they have three eyelids on each eye. One for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for cleaning the eye...weird huh! OK, more Etsy...

1. Soft grey scarf by Daily Accesoriez. I love scarves...the longer the better...and we're heading into scarf season in Australia so I say bring it on. Grey and white scarves also just happen to be my favourite as they go with so many outfits :)
2. Curious Owlet print by 56 Dollars for Bean Cake (Perth)...print of an original drawing...I love the expression in this little guy's eyes.
3. Tea towel by September Designs (Sydney)...comes in different colours & are printed on the seller's kitchen bench with an original design.
4. Dream Big Nursery Print by Rachel Marvin Creative...I love the mint green & tangerine with the grey...and I'm a big fan of prints for kids with positive messages in them. Comes in multiple sizes.

Did you know a group of owls is called a wisdom, parliament or study?  Me neither...

1. Teal owl dog collar by Day Dog Designs using German ribbon.  RIley would probably make a snack of this...but it would look cute nonetheless!
2. Grumpy Melbourne Owl Brooch by Tiger & Hare (Melbourne) him!! You have to click through, even just to read the description...entertaining descriptions on Etsy are awesome.  And anyone who has gotten stuck in a random Melbourne rainstorm, umbrella or not, will understand why he's a smidge on the grumpy side...well dressed regardless :)
3. Little iPhone Case by Rabbit Smile.
4. Love & Thanks personalised stamp by Lush Prints...just gorgeous for a much easier would a customised stamp make preparing your thank-you cards!


And lastly, a few photos that caught my eye on Pinterest.  I don't know what it is about sad looking toys, but I love's like they need an owner more than the cheerful looking ones.  As for the cake...what a freaking adorable sugar hit that would be. Couldn't go past the polka dot grey socks and pink dress...the owl bag was just an added bonus (that I probably wouldn't buy myself but I like how it looks in this pic).  The photos of the actual owls...just beautiful...especially #3...he looks like an old grandpa owl who has got the world figured out :)

Design Resources: Alpha by Paislee Press, Scrap paper label by Lauren Reid, Traveling Typewriter Font

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