Everyday Things...

  • We went to the blogs & social networking workshop at the Bendigo Writers Festival (post to come)
  • Checked out an exhibition at El Gordo & shared a red velvet cupcake over coffees (another post to come!)
  • Spring is finally just around the corner, although you wouldn't know it AT ALL these last few days...I feel sorry for the blossoms that are unfurling into what feels like the dead of winter.  They are by far one of my favourite things about Spring...combined with the smell of freshly mown lawns & the sound of the footy finals!
  • I made a purchase at Birdsnest...two light weight dresses, paired with leggings & a denim jacket = the perfect way to ease into spring with layers
  • We go on a road trip...that is another post entirely...with a French/Mountain feel :)
  • Dessert...are you surprised? There's a new dessert menu at The Woodhouse, we happened to have a booking the night before it came out so I was saying goodbye to Danielle's cheesecake in this photo.  Rumour has it the replacement cheesecake is A-Mazing...will be tasting this week...stay tuned!
  • A few more sneak peaks from our little nest on the mountain for a family birthday...is there anything better than Pinterest by the fire in your pajamas and slippers?
  • Organise My... has a gorgeous display of magnolia branches just inside their door...they are right up there as one of my favourite flowers.
  • I got given Pia Jane Bijkerk's "My Heart Wanders" as a present recently...I read it in one afternoon. The photography and styling is just as stunning as Pia's written journey to Paris & Amsterdam.  I am going to photocopy some of these pages and tape them to the wall in my `some day soon' blogging corner so I can look at them every day. Love your style Pia.
  • Random Sidenote: I used Pia's other book "Paris Made By Hand" as a guide book years ago when we went to Europe...there were places we never would have come across had we not brought her book with us. Some of my favourite memories of the trip are of us just having disembarked the Metro with a photocopy of a book page in one hand and a map in the other, following the "no rhyme or reason" streets of the city in search of artist studios & stores. I would love to go to Amsterdam with her other book and do exactly the same thing. One day...

(If these photos accurately represented real life, my little collages would also include snapshots of cough medicine and winter remedies, of time spent on the couch snuggled under a blanket waiting for the sneezing to subside...it's easy to make life look colourful by selecting just the right photos...but it's also good to remember that real life is not always weekend road trips and coffee & dessert in cosy cafes...those are just the moments I love best!)

Design Elements: Ali Edwards "Everyday Twill"

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