Polka Dot Presents

I found a gorgeous gift wrapping idea on Pinterest (from Anthropologie) and tried out this DIY pom-pom gift wrapping project for fun...I call it `Polka Dot Presents'.


I love choosing gift wrapping, tags and ribbons almost as much as I love choosing presents! Once I saw this idea on Pinterest I was hooked and couldn't wait to try it out. I was surprised at how fast I got through the pom-pom glueing stage. It looks time consuming but once you get going (using a glue gun) it's actually kind've fun.  Click the picture below for the larger version including details.

Click me!

Anthropologie seems to be all sold out of the wrapping...but their site is fun to browse for the eye candy factor regardless.

  • Merry Christmas Ribbon: Mobo Concept & Design (@MoboBendigo) can be found in Bath Lane, Bendigo
  • Bakers Twine: View Point Handmade Gallery (@VPHandmade)  at 13 View Point, Bendigo
  • Red Ribbon & Paper: Spotlight & Riot Craft are found most places
  • With Love Ornament: Paper Boat Press is both online and in Brisbane

Initially I was going to go multi-coloured but then my love of red prevailed.  This was the first time I used a hot glue gun and I think I might be hooked! I got mine from Spotlight for $10. Because the pom-poms were so small I had to dot the paper with the glue instead putting it on the pom-poms themselves. I did find a few glue "spiderwebs" when I was finished but once the glue dries they are easily removed.


Now, I may love Christmas, but I don't love it to the point I'm going to polka dot the twenty odd presents under my tree! I think polka dot presents might be more suited to one-off special occasions , or I think they would look gorgeous on a birthday dessert buffet as a prop. For real life Christmas, I went with the same ribbon, twine and kraft paper...but I downloaded these free gift tags by the always gorgeous Eat Drink Chic. I tweaked them a little by skipping the pocket idea &  printing the names on strips of kraft paper to cover the `To/From' bit at the bottom.

How are you wrapping your Christmas presents this year?

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