July Photo A Day

I've always wanted to try a "photo a day" challenge...not a photo a day for a year, I know myself too well to realise I would never stick to that. A photo a day for a month is much more my style. I've done projects like Ali Edwards December Daily, and Week In The Life, and whilst I love the finished product sometimes the pressure of coming up with a finished product is a bit much, especially in December! So, when a local tweeter (BendigoTalks) challenged other followers to participate for the month of July I thought why not, posting photos to twitter with a hashtag is hardly pressure.  And so far, I've enjoyed thinking about how I would incorporate the photo topic into my day...especially on weekdays that sometimes feel like carbon copies of each other when working!  We're at the halfway point, here's what I have so far...

July Photo A Day

From left to right...

  • Coffee: My favourite local coffee haunt, The Subtle Eye
  • Fun: A toy on my desk (which is actually a pen) that Luke included in my Christmas present last year. He's pictured in front of the crazy colourful WWDC wallpaper on my desktop
  • Building: ceiling of a local restaurant
  • Light: This is my bedside lamp, out in the backyard, giving a fish-eye view of the grass & sky + my reflection
  • Inspiration: the photography board I have going on Pinterest
  • Local Produce: some of the yummy stuff you can find at Edwards Greengrocer & Deli. You can read more about my visit here
  • Something You Read: a screen capture of my crazy Google Reader blog feeds. I have to hide the unread count because it stresses me out! I'm learning that I will never be up to date with these
  • Colour: orange...the pumpkin bread from local bakery & cafe The Good Loaf. You can read more about my visit here
  • Lunch: pumpkin soup...sensing a pumpkin theme? It is the middle of winter here in Australia...pumpkin soup is a must!
Photo A Day
  • The first thing you bought today: no surprises here, more coffee from The Subtle Eye
  • Sign: this is the clock at our local station...5:36AM...up early to catch the train to an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite event
  • Anything Bendigo & Surrounds: I was working in Echuca for the day and drove past this tree that had been yarn bombed. It was my first yarn bomb spotting!
  • Nature: saw these succulents in rusty pots on a sidewalk in Daylesford

Now I have no excuses for not finishing the rest of the month because I'll have to post part two here :) If you're interested in getting your own photo-a-day prompts, two popular sources are Fat Mum Slim and Katrina Kennedy's Capture Your 365. Incidentally, I am currently working my way through Katrina's Exposure photography course online...good stuff!