Etsy Wall Part 2

If you've landed here on part two, part one is here...where I've spoken about my obsession over the worldwide handmade online marketplace that is Etsy. The obsession lives on in the form of a wall in my house where I display all the prints from Etsy that I've been collecting since 2o07. I love that it took me years of on-again-off-again browsing to find prints that really jumped out at me, and that Etsy is more unique/less cookie cutter (not that I have anything against cookies!) than some sources. The question mark refers to the last spot to be filled. If you're thinking of starting a similar project, this is a good reason to buy all the frames at the beginning even if you don't have the prints to fill them yet. As in, by the time I find that last print, chances are I wouldn't get a matching frame years later. So this is the wall, and following that is a break down of the remaining prints and where they came from.

Etsy Wall
Etsy Wall Part 2
  1. Favourite Spot by Lara Cameron, Melbourne Victoria, Australia. Store: Ink & Spindle, Blog: Kirinote. I started following Lara back when I had my first blog...a long time ago...just as she was starting to experiment with textile design. She was actually my first Etsy purchase now that I think about it. Love her work...and if my workspace was only half as inspiring as the Ink & Spindle studio I'd be happy as a clam! I also love when people's pets make an appearance.
  2. Fearless by Kelly Rae Roberts, Portland Oregon, US. Store: KellyRae, Blog: KellyRaeRoberts. She has an amazing book about her work and techniques broken down into step by step instructions that I have, and I would love to get her e-book about creative businesses one day too.
  3. Saturday in the Park by Cathy Nichols, New York, US. Website & Blog
  4. Love is Patient by Elsie Larson, Springfield US. Shop & Blog. Yes, the same Elise Larson that I have raved about previously...did you really expect that there wouldn't be a print of hers on the wall? :) I don't think she does prints & original artwork anymore as she's writing a book & also has her own clothing line, and a bricks and mortar vintage store. She does all this with her sister and some friends, and somehow has time to write and photograph an amazing blog in the meantime. In short, whilst our styles may differ she's someone that I've learned a lot from and she continues to inspire. I love this time lapse clip of her working on a painting...and another pet makes an appearance...I wonder if that hat came from Etsy!
  5. Birds by Bernadette Sipkes, Auckland NZ. Store: Sugarloop, and blog.

So, I hope these prints leave you inspired to go browsing Etsy. I wish I could've included a list of all my favourite sellers, I literally have pages of them saved in my profile, but there aren't enough hours in the day.  Enjoy, and I hope to be telling you all about my own Etsy store one day soon!

Paper: Winter Wish by Katie Petiet Numbers: Becky Higgins Digital Project Life, Clementine Elements