Loving Lately - Mini Prints

This new size and shape of print is my newest and favourite thing to design and play with. Just 10cm x 10cm (about 4x4 inches) in size, including a crisp white border...they are printed on Kodak Lustre photo paper...not too glossy, not too matte...just right for photos and illustrations :) I call them Mini Prints!

It started when I came back from NYC, with a little collection of photos that showed some of my favourite "less touristy" pieces of the city. I had these printed for myself and then thought as a set of nine they looked sweet grouped together too...so I popped them in the store.

What to do with mini prints?!

What to do with mini prints?!

The more I thought about it, the more uses I had for them. Mostly I stick them places (aka desk monitor) with washi tape which is a removable tape found in craft/stationery stores like Spotlight, Riot, Organise My, Kikki K etc). Then I noticed little photo/menu stands (these gold ones are from Kikki K) around the place that were great for swapping the photos out for others in the set...perching on shelves or workspaces. The small size of the prints means magnets can easily keep them stuck on the fridge. AND they can be slipped into cards, books or attached to presents as gift cards :)

Now I've started looking into which of my prints can be miniaturised...because who doesn't love things in miniature...it's one of my weaknesses. Above is the Book Cover Mini Prints set of nine...the detail of watercolour and hand illustration shows up really well even though they're tiny prints :)

I used to print and hand-cut these Peonies & Linen Mini Prints (some with watercolour lettering, others just peonies from Chancery Lane nestled in linen) but now that I've discovered square photo printing with white borders, someone else can do the cutting for me, yay! I also love that they come in retro polaroid style designs.

Here is one of the original sets that are now longer hand cut (happy dance!) You could bundle them up with a shipping tag to give to someone like I did with Sophie. The "Courage, Dear Heart" collection from wandering in and around the Southern Highlands of New South Wales is still one of my all-time favourites :)

Anyway, just wanted to share my thought process behind them and some newer mini print collections. I hope you love them as much as I do!