Courage, Dear Heart Mini Prints

Courage, Dear Heart Mini Prints


Soft linen, aged wood, delicate feathers, the forest near my home, vignettes found on my travels, the countryside at dawn... "Courage, Dear Heart" mini prints are a set of nine 4 x 4 inch premium matte photo cards with white borders. Each card is a photograph or a watercolour photograph including a favourite quote or my own words. 

You can give the set as a gift, use them as individual gift tags and write a message on the back, stick them to the wall with removable tape, display them on your fridge, peg them to a piece of you choose to use them is up to you :) Send me a photograph of what you did with them if you like! :)

In the photo where the cards are laying flat on linen, from right to left the words read...

  • "I hope you know you're capable & brave & significant...even when it feels like you're not..."
  • "your path is beautiful and crooked, just as it should be"
  • "we are the dreamers of dreams. hold tight. don't let go."
  • "seek progress instead of perfection..."
  • "people may forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel..."
  • "I am still learning."
  • "courage, dear heart."
  • "she made broken look beautiful"
  • "come wander with me, your hand in mine.... our footfalls sound softly as we breathe in the sky..."

4 x 4" (10cm) photos with white borders on premium matte Kodak Endura stock. The shipping tag and twine are for display purposes only.

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Frequently asked questions...

If I haven't answered your question below, visit the contact page to find out more.

Tell me about customisation of prints...

Many of my prints are listed as customisable. Follow the instructions on checkout to pass on the details of how they are to be customised. Be very careful to make sure you check and trip check spelling and, where relevant, capitalisation. All that being said, if you want to change a print that isn't listed as customised...or you want to tweak a colour here and there...ask me, if it can be done I will do my best!

How long does it take before my print/s are shipped?

My turnaround time is 1-2 weeks before an order is shipped because I print to order (i.e. I don't have a stockpile of prints) so I am subject to the turnaround time of the business that prints for me. Often prints are ready to be posted well before this 1-2 week turnaround time, but I will definitely let you know when.

How long does it take for my prints to arrive?

Rest assured that I do my absolute best to get your parcels in the post as soon as humanly possible. This includes having visited the post office in my pajamas so I didn't miss a post deadline :) That said, it's super hard to estimate arrival times, even within Australia. I would allow up to a week from postage to arrival Australia wide. Internationally, it will always be arriving via airmail but it is so tricky to predict how long it can take, whether it gets held up in customs, what time of year it is etc. If you're unsure and want the most amount of time possible, use the tracking option provided in checkout, otherwise I will give you as much information as I have.

Are my prints going to be originals or framed?

Whilst the original include handmade elements (stitching, fabric, ink texture etc.) and the previews shown in store include frames, the items for sale are unframed prints.

Do the colours in the prints look the same on my screen as they do in real life?

Remember that the way colours look can vary between individual monitors and between "on screen" vs. "in print". Every effort has been made to present product samples and photography as accurately as possible, but variances may occur.

Sharing images and printables

  • If you'd like to share these images (which would be a lovely surprise!) please link back to & credit
  • All images © Petit Pixel Design and prints (or printables) listed are for non-commercial, personal "single print" use only

Shipping, Taxes & Customs (a.k.a. the boring but important stuff!)

Shipping in Australia is free. If you want a trackable version of shipping, please choose this option at checkout. Shipping everywhere else outside of Australia and New Zealand is a flat rate as per the checkout process. If you want to add tracking/insurance, please choose the upgraded option at checkout. Any fees relating to taxes and customs are the responsibility of the customer. Items shipped are classified as letters and documents as they are prints and stationery, and are shipped via airmail internationally.

What about returns and refunds?

If your order arrives damaged (so it cannot be used), if you are sent the wrong item, or if you purchased tracking and the item was confirmed as lost in transit...please contact me to discuss a return/refund.

I'm not from Australia, do you ship internationally?

Yes, most definitely!

Where are your prints made?

Designed by me at home (Bendigo, Victoria, Australia), usually to the soundtrack of Netflix or Spotify with my dog Riley assisting. They are the printed locally with another business, packaged and posted all within Bendigo also. 

I could buy similar prints cheaper elsewhere...what gives?

I'd like to think my prints aren't similar to anyone else's because I design them all myself. More often than not, I have hand drawn the elements, like lettering and lines/shapes myself before I digitise them, again by hand...pixel by pixel! If you see stitches, it's my sewing machine. If you see paint, it's my watercolour set.

For that reason, because of the time I put into them, I want to choose the best paper I can find. So if we're talking about prints, it's going to be gallery quality Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. If you're a stationery nut like me, read on for all the nerdy papery goodness... :) 

What is this Hahnemuhle Photo Rag that you keep talking about?

A traditional favourite - this paper offers good d-max (black density) and colour gamut. The surface is a lovely smooth matte finish, and the weight/rigidity of the paper at 308 gsm is excellent. The surface has a very slight texture (in fine art terms it is a smooth paper) - just enough texture to give the paper itself a little life, but not enough to impair image detail in any way. Papers don't come better than this, and if you haven't tried it yet you're in for a real treat!

Made from 100% cotton rag, and designed to last several centuries, this paper has been independently tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research in combination with the Epson Ultrachrome K3 inkset and in both colour and black and white offers longevity figures (for properly cared for prints) as good as anything in the industry.

Key Features

100% cotton rag
308 gsm
Completely matte, smooth surface
Bright white, unbleached (contains a small amount of optical brighteners)
Acid Free
Fantastic gamut and velvety deep blacks
Excellent image sharpness