Polka Dot Press

I've had this idea tucked away in my notebook for a long time...here it is finally...a range of book cover prints by my fictitious printing company...Polka Dot Press! I just had to squeeze polka dots in somewhere! Bright colours, soft neutrals...designed with watercolour and ink...especially for book lovers big and small...

polkadot press.jpg

I'm all for celebrating the bookworm. I spent many happy hours as a kid wandering around my own imagination amongst the words of legends such as Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. I used to hide behind the curtains...tuck myself up against the cool glass of a window pane in a nest of cushions...the crisp pages of an unread book were just the best thing. As I type that I seem to remember Jane Eyre doing the same thing...that's probably where I got it from! Nowadays it's less of a nose tucked into a book on a windowsill and more of a swiping at the Kindle from a doona cocoon but I love it just as much as I ever did and I wanted to create a range of prints to celebrate the bookworms...big, little and in between.

Read below the thumbnails for details...click any image for a full size gallery.

Each print is a combination of a textured watercolour wash, hand drawn details like the little book logo, and playful lettering. Colours range from a bright sugary pink and a buttery yellow through to a soft grey and a vanilla neutral. The best part is this...

  1. Pick a coloured print from my Etsy Store
  2. Pick  a title...any of the nine pre-existing titles, a current favourite book title, or dream up your own. Maybe a favourite catch phrase? A song lyric? "The adventures of [insert name here]"...totally up to you!
  3. Pick an author name to match (Avery Lane pictured is just an example)...your favourite bookworm? their favourite author? the family pet? Or ditch the author name altogether!
  4. Include the details of each in the notes section of the purchase. Triple check your spelling. Make sure it's clear which is the title and which is the author :)

As always, each 8x10 inch print comes on an A4 sheet of 300GSM Museo Portfolio Cotton Rag...aka the good stuff...from a professional printer in Melbourne. I print to order and post with reinforced cardstock supporting your print, sealed in a cello bag & tough envelope...ready for you to pop in an 8x10 frame. $30 AUD via my Etsy Store with free shipping Australia wide. Further details in each product listing.

Hope you love them as much as I did creating them. I tell you what, it was an exercise for the imagination trying to come up with nine titles! I can't wait for someone to decide to customise their own just to see what ideas they have. Do you have a bookworm in mind who'd love this present? :)

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