Greene Street Juice Cleanse

In which I try a beginners juice cleanse, in which the various elixirs are named after little pockets of New York City...packaged in sweet glass bottles...just waiting to treat your insides to lots of good stuff!

I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but not many I've come across deliver to Bendigo. When I was reading the latest Fete Magazine I came across an article about Greene St. Juice Co. and something about their story struck a chord with me. Maybe Natalie leaving her corporate law background in Melbourne to live in NYC and train as a yoga instructor/holistic nutritionist...I love reading about people who take giant leaps of faith! Maybe how they've (Natalie & Steve) incorporated their love of New York into their company now that they're back in Melbourne...the juices are named after different parts/traditions of Manhattan. Maybe that their sense of style is epic...from bottle design to store fit out...and being uber responsive to social media and email...I just thought why not give it a try? So here is my honest thoughts on the experience. No sponsorship. Just me, sucking down organic cold pressed juices for a day :)

  • I liked how you could do a "New York Minute" one day. A good way to dip your toes in so to speak. Obviously a longer cleanse would reap more rewards but if you've never done one before this is perfect. It's called the Healthy Start & Glow.
  • The bottles are cute! I'm totally keeping them and using them for random posies of flowers!
  • I wasn't sure the courier was going to make my delivery in I was in touch with Lainie from the Prahran store who was really supportive in answering my questions. They arrived with 5 minutes to spare by courier...and even after spending possibly most of the day in a truck were packed well enough to stay mostly cool ready for the fridge
  • Previous to this I'd heard of people taking cleanses slowly, working their way up to a real 3-5 day cleanse and I thought pffft, I could handle it...I get it now, they're serious when they say that! Try a beginner cleanse first!
  • I was worried about my body raging against me for not having my usual morning caffeine hit...those headaches can be nasty. Not one headache all day. If you do your research they said headaches as a response to a cleanse kick in on day two, but I honestly expected something for depriving myself of caffeine and sugar all day. Bonus!
  • If you're not used to strong green juices (ie with ingredients like dandelion extract), or the warmth of cayenne pepper or ginger, don't expect to fall in love with every single juice on the cleanse menu if it's the first time you've ever dabbled in this pond. This is me...I like to consider myself a reasonably healthy eater...a big fan of my green smoothies etc...but I had to take my time to get used to some juices. By the second green juice at the end of the day, I was fully appreciative of how much good was going into my body...but I was also day dreaming of something less green tasting (and watching The Mindy Show bloopers on YouTube to distract myself!). Regardless, it was worth it to me knowing I was treating my body to the uber good stuff despite not always being besties with the taste. I said I would be honest!
  • I took the chance to switch out the Thanksgiving juice from the middle of the day to "Beauty From Within" ProPlenish juice. This was good...a switch up from the vegetable juices to a pretty berry juice with marine favourite of the day followed closely by the Nut Mylk at the very end
  • I'm not much of a mantra person so I didn't really follow through with the different ones that came with the different stages of the day...but if that's your'll enjoy this no doubt!
  • I learned that we can do with far less in a day if it's highly nutritious. That there is no way I could achieve this level of juice and nutrition on my was worth it to have someone balance it out and package it up into a no brainer program. I'm all for juicing and smoothies at home but if you want to go to this level it's a nice feeling to let someone else take care of the thinking and ingredient procurement for you! It was harder than I thought it would be, but for this reason I felt like I achieved new appreciation for the juice cleanse, the work required to put one together...and the people who take it to the next level.  Thank You Greene Street! :)

1 day, 8 juices, $69.00 + $22.00 delivery to my desk

Visit  my store  for personalised 8x10 prints & 4x4" mini prints just waiting for you to take them home :)

Visit my store for personalised 8x10 prints & 4x4" mini prints just waiting for you to take them home :)

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