Sweet Green Finds...Loving Lately

Green pleated dresses...a studious dog...the sweetest ceramics workspace and a cute way to display your smartphone alongside succulents on your desk...crushing on green...loving lately.

  1. This green pleated dress from Etsy. Having a serious crush on green lately...have you noticed? ;)
  2. This studio tour of "Wilma's World"...otherwise known as ceramicist Rae Dunn's workspace. Wilma is her gorgeous dog...whom she has written the sweetest book about as well. Seriously worth a click through...sweet pieces inspired by nature and taking life slowly and simply...displayed against a backdrop of white washed brick walls, concrete floors and gently worn rugs.  
  3. So, in general, I am pretty much an accident prone klutz. I've somehow started a spectacular series of spillages and breakages both at home and work. It began with my spilling a tall mocha over about 25% of the carpet in our bedroom...and has overflowed into work where I have dropped more computers than I can count lately. Hence, the googling of cute steel capped boots...a natural progression right? ;) Also come in red, pink, purple and blue...but of course I'm in my green-crush phase here.
  4. Contact lenses that you don't have to take out for a month. *pause for effect* Have the potential to be life changing...have just ordered myself a pack...can't wait to try them out! Having visited the optometrist for my yearly checkup, I also found myself trying on every pair of glasses in store. I remember hating my glasses when I first got them...never thought the day would come where I love them *almost* as much as my lenses. Anyone else tried these out?
  5. What a cute idea for a smartphone dock...the mint would go perfectly with my current desk setup...not to mention the succulents... #succulentswoon