13 Little Things to be Thankful For Right Now

Idea borrowed from Ali Edwards blog post. Written before this week of news was full of a whole other level of sadness and devastation. It seems more than a little trivial to post about apps that track water intake and snuggly sheets considering what others are facing right now. But, at the same time, finding little things to be thankful for can help keep things in perspective, lift our focus, and remind us to give back when we can...

Border sketched whilst re-watching This is 40 :)

Border sketched whilst re-watching This is 40 :)

  1. Flannelette sheets...it's almost time to switch to my favourite choc-mint winter bedding and I'm looking for chocolate flannelette sheets to match
  2. That feeling when you're on the brink of discovering a new show to become obsessed with for when it's deliciously miserable outside...Orphan Black...thx Laura!
  3. People who share about their experiences with anxiety, online and in person, I admire their bravery...I need to get better at the sharing part
  4. Risotto with roast pumpkin, slow cooked lamb and fetta
  5. Peppermint Bark hot chocolates*...my version of an after dinner mint
  6. Fresh clean drinking water...(I'm using an app** to track my water intake because I don't drink nearly enough)...thankful it is always nearby and clean, I don't appreciate this enough
  7. Pip's lovely words about my 52 Hellos letter...made my Monday
  8. Creative friends...that creativity can take so many forms but still connect us on the same level
  9. My new accountant...I left my tax way too late...so glad to get it sorted!
  10. Photoshop, my scanner & black markers...I never thought I would have so much fun making textures and sketching things in black and white and then using Photoshop to bring them to life with colour and layers and such...would be so lost without it
  11. The kind of conversations that only road trips really bring to the surface
  12. Finally having something that can track my heart rate again! Hello Apple Watch. For some reason normal chest strap heart rate monitors don't work on me (there are legit theories as to why, I won't bore you with them here :)...and I hate working out without being able to compete against myself because, you know, laziness!
  13. That the more I do it, the more OK I feel with taking self imposed social media breaks. Some days the inspiration ignites all kinds of ideas and it feeds me, other days it overloads and overwhelms me...learning that you don't have to keep up with every stream every day is hard but my brain thanks me for it in the end

*Must be a seasonal thing...keep an eye out for it at Christmas
**Water Balance

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