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Retro iced coffees, Lark's pop-up store, the temptation of Gelato Messina, discovering China Town dumplings for the first time, and Mr Little Jeans...all things from around here lately.

I feel like I haven't been taking enough everyday life photos lately...perhaps because I overdosed on photo taking during the trip. Clearly I'm still gravitating towards "I went here, did this, ate that" type photos instead of the "beauty in the everyday" photos I probably should be taking.

Loved this card that came with a recent online purchase...and the iced coffee glasses they're using at Percy & Percy lately :)

I managed to catch Lark's pop-up store in Fitzroy before it closed...most excited to see Laura Blythman's installation up close and beautiful is that gold and pink? Gertrude Street had long been on my radar and scrolling through that guide from The Design Files just now...even if it was done a few years ago...there's clearly much more to go wander through!

A non negotiable on the same trip was checking out the recently opened Gelato Messina...where the flavours are cray-zay...a recent one was "caramel custard gelato with chocolate coated peanuts and blueberry sauce" is a good thing I don't live within easy traveling distance!!

One of the things about coming home from the US that I was most excited about was returning to Melbourne and appreciating it in a whole other way...things like Melbourne CBD chaos on a Friday at 5pm is still waaaay calmer than NYC at any given moment...barely any taxis honking :)

I found it amusing that clearly we were still being drawn to US themes (lunch at Belle's Diner) and then craving something completely opposite by the next meal (Chin Chin & HuTong Dumplings).  On a side note, can you believe that this is the first time I ever had dumplings in China Town in Melbourne?! 

Pinning  lately...

Pinning lately...

My recent pins showing where my brain is at: slightly overloaded...enjoying the chance to snuggle under a blanket or a cardigan on cooler nights (bring on winter I say!)...obsessed with loft style design since watching The Block.  Have also just finished House of Cards current season (OMG!!) and wondering if I should be picking up The Goldfinch as I'm basically tripping over rave reviews at this point.

Newest tune on rotation? Waterfalls by Mr Little Jeans...SoundCloud player below :)

So...need to know...your favourite dumpling haunt in Melbourne? Your current snuggle-in-a-cardigan read? Most recently starred tune?

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