September Around Here

Favourite brunch recipes, green paws, Channing Tatum, messing with stamps and Photoshop...snippets of September around here...


I haven't been taking many photos this month...which feels strange but sometimes its good to take an unintentional break I guess :) Either that, or I'm just dreaming of the camera in the new iPhone...can't wait to get my paws on that!

  • Went all out for a special occasion family brunch. I love crisp white table cloths and cheerful flowers at breakfast time. Makes a nice change from the usual weetbix at the computer desk during the week, or granola watching Will & Grace re-runs on the weekends! I served the Donna Hay Ricotta Hotcakes,  Bacon & Egg Pies, and Sweet Corn, Zucchini & Ricotta Fritters. Extras included berry coulis, Jam Factory relish, smashed avocado & cinnamon sugar.  It was fun to plan :)
  • Riley is enjoying the warmer weather, and is helping Luke with the weeding here. Not sure how the soccer ball factors in but he looks pretty proud of himself. Love when the lawns are freshly mowed and he gets green paws from the grass cuttings! 
  • A photo of us leaving Hobart at night...much smoother flight than on the way over but I still hate flying at the best of times. It was the first time we've landed in Melbourne at night though...and I LOVED looking at the city stretching out below us...makes you realise how huge it really is. The best part, all the sporting ovals all lit up...lives up to it's name of the sporting capital of Australia :) 
  • Sometimes mindless cheesy action movies are exactly what's needed....a little Channing never hurt either ;) Watched White House Down.
  • Experimenting with paper, stitching & stamps now that I have a sewing machine.
  • Also trying to learn how to get fine liner ink sketches from paper to Photoshop to make some brushes for myself.

These are some of Luke's photos. He's been flying for work...this is a no filter sunset from the pretty!  September is finals season for Australia's most popular sport...footy...and Luke goes to as many games as he can. This is the `hallowed turf' of the MCG before the Grand Final.  That picture makes me want to do cartwheels so badly!

Photos I've been can find me on  Pinterest here

Photos I've been can find me on Pinterest here

Craving: New York in Winter and Bendigo in Summer (a bit of a contradiction!)
Listening to: Pretty much just Lorde's album "Pure Heroine" lately...she's amazing
Reading: Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
Watching: just started the first episode of Grey's Anatomy on the bike at the gym...excited to have all our shows back...mostly looking forward to Homeland & trying something new like The Michael J Fox Show
 Looking forward to: holidays...which are still ridiculously far away...but a girl can always make lists in the meantime :)
Thinking about right now: Riley is probably headed to the vet tomorrow with an upset tummy...he looks like a little furry zombie...hate seeing him not himself. That look he gives me in the car when he realises we're not off to the park where we sometimes let him have the last lick of our ice cream...instead we're headed to the place with the shiny slippery tables and the smell of's like I'm the ultimate traitor.

Housekeeping Note: I've decided to switch my blog posting schedule to one post a week as a trial. There's a whole list of things I'd love to learn (Illustrator, Calligraphy)... creative projects I'd like to try...and dabble in some different writing projects...maybe try some guest posting in different places...AND learn to use my camera better :) Anyway all of these things kind've fall by the wayside with full time work and my self imposed blogging schedule of two posts a the craziness of life in general. But, I think sharing about things I'm learning...and the creative projects I'm trying...all of that will make for more unique blog posts and DIY's and all that good stuff.  And if I have too much to say...I might do an extra post here and there anyway...but just wanted to share where my thoughts were at for now :) Will see how it goes! P.S. I'm booked into a photography workshop in Melbourne in a few weeks excited about it...every year I put it off but this time I bit the bullet...can't wait to tell you how it went :)


Instagrams I've been can find me on  Instagram here.

Instagrams I've been can find me on Instagram here.

What's new with you? Do you have a go-to recipe for brunch? A must-do place to visit in New York? I'd love to hear from you :)

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