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Breakfast cake, `where type and images totally make out', living in SundayLand, all that Sophie-from-The-Block adores & dreamy photography by Indie Jane...some new reads lately.

With 275 blog subscriptions and counting, I should be unsubscribing from a few just to keep the addiction manageable...instead I'm adding to my `new' folder in Feedly and once I'm well & truly hooked on them, I move them into my `for keeps' categories. Thought I would share some of these :)


Design Love Fest: With the tagline `where type and images totally make out' I knew I was in for some gorgeous designer eye candy. Initially hooked by the 'dress your tech' (desktop wallpapers), I'm also loving the travel, sweet photography & diy categories.


Half Baked - The Cake Blog: I forget where I found this one, but I remember that the post that made me pay attention was about a Breakfast Cake...(combining my two favourite meals of the day, breakfast and dessert). Since then I've drooled over many more cake posts, especially loving the Colour Block Cake, and the gorgeously minimalistic Classic Vanilla Cake. There's cakes inspired by fashion, detail from real life parties, and the level of detail (watch the video at the end) that goes into some cake designs is crazy. Any which way you look at it, I'm loving the sugar eye candy from this new blog subscription :)


SundayLand: Amy Moss from Eat Drink Chic (Melbourne) has a tumblr going on the side called SundayLand which she describes as providing "a fuller, somewhat less polished, portrayal of my lifestyle. It takes a more personal approach, offering tidbits from my home and family life... but also strives to document my work process." Whilst I love her self described perfectionist style over at Eat Drink Chic, I'm equally smitten with the idea of a more relaxed `behind the scenes' look at her projects at SundayLand.  It's the kind've blog that definitely needs to be read in wearing pyjamas, with a hoodie and a mug of hot tea on the side :)


All That I Adore: Sophie (partnered with Dale on a previous season of the renovation reality show The Block) has a the name `all that I adore' :) It documents her love of fashion, her adventures in visual merchandising with Typo, and various interior design projects she's involved in. On a side note, how sweet is this video of them showing off their finished terrace house? I love the combination of her sweet `indie girly girl' look combined with Dale's `have a beer in thongs & a flannel hoodie' tradie vibe :)


Indie Jane Photography: I think I found Amanda's blog via instagram...immediately loving the photos of her dogs she often posts. She describes her site as  "where I document my daily adventures in photography, thrifting, fashion, being a mom to four unruly mutts, cooking, and all things handmade." You can see why I was immediately hooked :)

Be sure to let me know about any new blog subscriptions you've found lately :)

Design Resources: KI Memories Elsie Scribbles...can't find these online anymore :(

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