The Whirrakee

The Whirrakee Restaurant in Bendigo is fast becoming one of my new favourite places to visit. For starters, they do lovely know I can't go past that...but there's so much more to love from this established local restaurant.

(Please note that the Whirrakee Restaurant has since closed, replace by Mr Beebe's)

Carrot pudding: cheesecake mousse, candied galangal, poached orange, roast walnuts & sauternes syrup

There's a long running joke in our house...whenever Luke has a bet with me about something, he will often offer up dinner at the Whirrakee as the currency...he knows how much I've been wanting to try it, yet for some reason up until six months ago we hadn't had the chance to visit.  At last count, he owed about 6 dinners at the Whirrakee...and everyone knows you don't back out of a really we had to book in sooner rather than would be un-Australian not to honour a bet right? :)

Lamb risotto, pumpkin fondant...details towards end of post

Then out of nowhere we had a tonne of reasons to visit...a night out with friends for dessert, a wedding anniversary, a birthday lunch. I'm mentioning all these so you don't think we ate everything shown on this blog post in one sitting!

Souffle and cheese platter...details towards end of post

What we discovered over the last 6 months worth of visits is there's one thing you're guaranteed at The the form of excellent service, and delicious food, time and again. Then of course there's the gorgeous heritage building and the elevated outlook across the fountain and the centre of Bendigo. Make sure to ask if a table at the window is excellent vantage point to watch the comings and goings of the Basement Bar below on a Saturday night. It feels like a `special occasion' every time and I think that's valuable in itself.

Erindale farm lamb loin w/stuffed zucchini flower, peas, basil and cracked wheat risotto

To add another layer of enticement...we just spent a lazy Sunday afternoon celebrating a family birthday there today and discovered their $30 two course ($45 three course) special.  We shared an entree and a dessert to get the best of both worlds and it was amazing...followed with complimentary petit fours and it's the perfect way to end a weekend. My tip...start with the beetroot bread rolls...and the roast potato as a side side...heaven.

For Sunday Lunch She Had:

Meredith goats cheese soufflé w/ red pepper, spiced cauliflower,
mache & sherry dressing 
Butternut pumpkin fondant w/ pearl barley fritter, pickled walnuts,
goats curd, frisee & basil

For Sunday Lunch He Had:

Lamb shank risotto w/ mint, oregano, goats curd & peas
Selection of farm house cheeses w/ lavosh, poached fig, honey pear & walnuts

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