February Around Here...

Scattegories & what to eat in NYC...cars, trains & coffees...dresses in Brunswick & Melody's Echo Chamber...all part of February Around Here...

We have been...

  • making the most of having my little sister coming home by squeezing in brunches & board games on her visits. Scattegories always dissolves into passionate debates, loud defending of ridiculous answers...divided loyalties & threatening to Google to solve it once and for all...is that just our version of Scattegories or is everyone's like that?! :)
  • trawling Trip Advisor/AirBnB and making decisions for an NYC trip that seems so very far away...NYC Serious Eats has become my main source of trip planning!
  • squeezing in as many Oscar nominated movies as we can...Zero Dark Thirty, Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, The Impossible & Argo

  • Travelling a lot more than usual...to Melbourne...by road and train...for bridesmaid dress shopping, engagement party, invite shopping, and more bridesmaid dress shopping.  LOVE that we live so close to such an amazing city...wouldn't have it any other way and every trip back makes it feel more and more like a second home...and the footy season hasn't even officially started!

The above photo includes some of the pretty things in bridal boutiques...where you're never allowed to take photos of dresses...and I came across this wall in a pub in Brunswick which I thought was timely given the mission we girls were on to find those dresses. Always find myself thinking of Jill whenever I'm in Brunswick now...

  • Trying to make the most of summer by squeezing in as many rides as I can...but on the flip side finding myself browsing boot sales online and looking forward to colder weather
  • Booking tickets to Tasmania for my birthday later this year to go visit my sister in her new home...can't wait
  • Listening to: Melody's Echo Chamber
  • Reading: not nearly enough books (actually not any!) and as per usual, way too many blogs. Latest additions include Paper Crave, A Cup of Jo, and Girl Meets Life
  • Getting ready to design the invitations that have so far existed only in the imaginations of my sister and I...you know you're stationery obsessed when designing invitations way outranks choosing dresses!
  • Eating: newest obsession...Five AM Honey & Cinnamon yoghurt with a sprinkle of granola...white nectarines on the side...thinking more about what I choose to indulge in
  • Remembering: that the new Bendigo Magazine must be coming out any day now...and brainstorming ideas for my next article...keep an eye out later this week for an Autumn Mag post :)

What have you been up to lately?

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