Leah Ladson Photography Flat-Lay Masterclass Video

Thank you soooooo much! I can’t wait to share it!
— leah


Leah has plenty of written testimonials about how much people love taking her masterclass in flat-lay photography, and of course some gorgeous still photos of each workshop to go with. But she was looking for the icing on the cake to take “capturing the experience” to the next level…

She needed another way to communicate the day visually for prospective attendees, and so we created a playful video, true to her branding, that showed what learning with Leah in her masterclass was like.

What we created…

From Leah presenting to her class; the personalised “place settings” for each student; through to the students working through their styling and photography process with Leah…we created a one minute “social media friendly” video. We mixed in some photography and text that introduced Leah and the concept of the class, and finished with some of the gorgeous flat-lays that her students created. Sidebar: how sweet is the soundtrack that Leah chose!


Leah wanted to make the most of her video so we pulled the logo animation and some of the visuals like her trademark pink brush strokes + the gently-floating polaroids and created social media templates for her to use in the future.



Thank you soooo much!!! I’ve already sold four tickets!
— Leah
What a gorgeous little video!
— nicci
“All booked, can’t wait!!”
— liv