Dear Cherie + The Digital Picnic

So about those animations I said I was working on for you guys…here’s the beginning! There will be more…I’m legitimately (like in a month or two) dropping my hospital IT work to 2 days a week (eeek!) and starting life as a real illustration/animation/designer 3 days a week. This means much more time for client work and dreaming up cute stuff you guys might be interested in using :)

That being said: I’ve been working on a new animation product - Instagram GIF stickers - and I wanted to showcase the possibilities of them to potential clients. Because you know I have a weakness for your gorgeous branding, I designed three collections of potential Insta GIF stickers for you guys….which hopefully you love as much as I do. And if you decide to give me the OK to upload them so you and your audience can use them, I can then show them as examples to people who don’t understand what GIF stickers are and why I think they should be using them…because so-much-cuteness-potential!

They’re all designed in full size quality…so if they were uploaded to the gallery-anyone-in-the-world-can-browse-for-Instagram-stories (aka GIPHY)…GIPHY would squash them down in quality somewhat…which is a normal thing for GIF stickers. The good part for you guys is though, all of the illustrations and full size animations are still available to be used in a whole bunch of other things should you wish. The last video will explain that a little more.

ANYWAY, have a scroll, tell me honestly what you think. If there are items I’ve chosen that have back stories which means you’d rather not use them, or if there’s a dress you’ve fallen out of love with, or anything you want to change if you decide to go ahead with using them…I can totally work with you on customising them any which way you like…doing a new collection etc etc. This link (and the videos) are fully private. Nothing has been uploaded to GIPHY. The only people who have seen them are people who sat next to me in cafes as I drew listening to podcasts, people who sat next to me on planes as I drew to calm myself during turbulence…and my dog who is always up in my business when I’m making stuff :-/

Look forward to hearing from you whenever suits - Tania xo

These ones use your existing graphics and branding colours…and they’re meant to look like actual stickers peeling a little bit in the corner…and are designed for people who are excited to show they’re a TDP Grad.

Here are the many-dresses-of-Cherie that started with the original teeny Gorman from the stop motion animation way back when. Yep, I fully admit to becoming an Instagram stalker to find some more to draw. I even turned the jumper-skirt-combo with the pom poms (that I still can’t believe someone hated!) into a dress just to match the rest of them :)

Gah I can’t pick favourites but these were the most fun to figure out and draw…or maybe equally as fun as the dresses! All those Instagram studio photos? I tried to find little “iconic” TDP things sitting on your desks or perched on shelves that would look cute when animated. From the roller skate piñata to the glass-wall-of-organisation :)

This is just to show you that a GIF is not just a GIF. First of all, they’re all standalone illustrations. Which means they can be animated in ways other than their simplistic GIF style movement…they can be grouped, moved around, put into basically anything from other social media posts to newsletters to online course content and so much more.