July Photo a Day Part 2

July Photo a Day

I've been participating in a local `photo a day' challenge for July...you can see the first half of my photos here. From left to right, my photos are...

  • Red: Coffee from Sim'R, and with red being the colour of love, this was an old sticker on my laptop...which coincidentally I was working from when drinking my mocha...if you go to Etsy and search for laptop decals you will have hours of browsing time ahead of you!
  • Family: I have a collection of measuring cups for baking that are also Matryoshka dolls, which remind me of a little family. So far I haven't used them because they are too cute, but I'm bound to lose one of my current boring measuring cups (they are slowly disappearing...how does that happen?!) so it's only a matter of time. You can buy them from Peters of Kensington here
  • Something you would like to promote: Momento iPhone app....joins all your feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & heaps more) into entries on a calendar inside the app so you can see all the info you've posted on one particular day all in the one place...especially awesome for tracking stuff from multiple members of the family for things like Project Life
  • Birds: Kaz, who I work with, has a nail polish blog and it's awesome and she wore Angry Birds nails for me so I could take an interesting bird photo for that day...thanks Kaz...u rock!
  • Morning: this is me and my boots out on the frosty lawn just before heading off to work. I learned that frost can be slippery, and my tights accidentally co-ordinated nicely with it!
  • On the plate: Luke's dessert at Mason's...I don't think this picture needs any other words...yum!
  • Drink: glass of wine at a family birthday tea...normally we go out but this time we ordered an epic collection of Indian take out
  • Out & About: wall decal/sticker at the delightful Lark in Daylesford
  • Art: Black Saturday memorial in Kyneton...I had no idea that there was such a huge website dedicated to how the memorial came about.
July Photo A Day
  • Where You Shop: this one was titled "I wish"...in Melbourne for the Adobe CS6 Roadshow and went for a walk through Crown on the lunch break
  • Yellow: Luke rented a gorgeous little house in Daylesford for a night and took me (and Riley) away as a surprise.  You'll see more about this is a future post, but it had a theatre room in a whole separate building to the house and Luke bought me `500 Days of Summer' to watch together...this is a photo at the end of the movie.
  • Your view today: me setting up the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display at work...such a pretty laptop, the screen really is stunning
  • Calm: Lake Daylesford...photo from the same weekend mentioned above...so lucky to get such a sunny blue day in the middle of winter
  • Skyline: I wanted to see what the view was like at the top of the new multi storey carpark in town...wasn't much of a skyline (ie the best bits like the cathedral are obstructed) so I took this photo instead and used the miniaturise filter
  • 12 O'Clock: at 12pm, I was scrubbing kangaroo poop out of my dog's fur...he likes to roll in it when we take him for a walk...chances are exponentially higher if he's just had a bath
  • Something Beautiful: blossom that I walk past on the way to work
  • Favourite Place: On the bike, in the sun...I am starting to crave Summer in a big way

The challenge is currently on for August...I'm taking a break because August is going to be a busy month, but I'm watching other people's photos popping up on Twitter and I'm thinking I'm starting to miss it a little bit...so who knows, I might be back for September :)