What Would Nina Proudman Do?

So lately I've rediscovered how much I love changing up the wallpaper of the lock screen on my iPhone, in particular to wallpapers with quirky or inspirational sayings on them. I don't even want to know how often I quickly wake my phone to view notifications on the lock screen during the day. I've found I really start to pay attention to whatever I have written on the wallpaper, so I'm thinking why not take advantage of this. For example, I had a very important coffee meeting a little while ago and the night before I had just randomly chosen this beautiful wallpaper by The Notebook Doodles collection here...

Today You Will Shine

You can't help but feel a little more shiny (and a little less nervous) when you check your phone often and see a gorgeous wallpaper such as this one, right? If you follow the above link you will find the full resolution version of the above wallpaper, plus 7 others in the same collection & instructions for how to add them to your lock screen.  I'm a huge admirer/secret fan of the work over at The Notebook Doodles official website. Can you believe this is her actual handwriting and not a font? Just lovely. Anyway you can set anything you like to be your lock screen wallpaper, it doesn't have to be officially classified as an iPhone wallpaper...literally any photo as long as the dimensions are kind of close to what the phone is expecting.

As always, looking for an excuse to play a bit more with my Bamboo Tablet, I have come up with the following wallpaper of my own.  Note: this saying less inspirational and more just for fun...unless of course you're looking for inspiration for how best to disguise yourself behind a potplant then you can totally take your cues from Nina! That sentence will mean nothing to people who aren't fans of Offspring, but that link will point you towards catch up episodes for this season.  [I've now gone and gotten completely distracted by all the Nina/Patrick montages on YouTube]


If you want to set this as your lock screen, browse to this website on your phone and then press on the above image to get to the larger version. Then hold your finger down on the picture until you get the `Save Image' image option. Select that, then go to Settings > Wallpaper > Camera Roll and the last picture in your camera roll should be this wallpaper. Adjust it on your screen if necessary using the move/scale feature then choose `Set' & `Set Lock Screen' and you're done. I might do more and higher resolution ones next time, this was more just a play but then I decided to share it seeing as I have it set as my own wallpaper! Everything by me except the font, Strawberry Limeade.

Lastly, whilst we're talking Offspring, have you seen the `So you want to dress like Nina Proudman?' series over at Styling You? Love this Nikki :)