Queen's Birthday

How did you spend the public holiday of the Queen's Birthday long weekend? Here's how I spent mine...

For anyone outside of Australia wondering about the Queen and her birthday, this will explain it.

Digital cards: "My Life in Photos by Three Paper Peonies (freebie)" Font: Pea Swimmy  Handwriting: mine...practising with the tablet again, this time 100% free hand, obviously still getting the hang of it! Heart Rate Monitor: I have the Polar FT7...great bargain from here. Portmans: You can shop online with them here, but the scarves aren't there...I got mine from Melbourne Central & Bendigo Marketplace The Age iPad App: You can find their main app here. I like the one that shows each page of the paper instead, though I can't find the link for it...hope that doesn't mean it's about to be discontinued Sussan: Home of gorgeous winter tights currently on sale. Online store here. Local store see corner of Bendigo Mall Laptop Decal: It seems the Etsy store from which I bought it has closed down :( But a general Etsy search for laptop decals will keep you busy for hours Spencers on Carpenter: Love these guys, also love the returning trend of suburban cafes in Bendigo