Small-fry...the best doughnuts in Hobart?

This little stone hewn nook could quite possibly be serving the best doughnuts in Hobart. At the very least, it's a lovely little pocket of a place to slowly greet the day over good coffee and breakfast. They're also a bar if that's how you like to greet your day! :P

For my birthday we headed to Hobart, to hang with my sister and her husband. and celebrate outrageously by napping on the couch between re-runs of friends...and looking at the snow atop the mountain from a snug warm distance :) One of the things we did do was have doughnuts for breakfast on the morning of my birthday...venturing down into Hobart's CBD to Small-fry.

Loved the small "hole in the wall" type feel added to by the rough stone walls/industrial accents...and the sharing of one giant table with other visitors and the kitchen itself. 

No offence to Krispy Kreme fans but this latest wave of handmade "boutique" doughnuts leaves all other uber manufactured flavours for dead. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I've already taste tested a bunch in Melbourne but so far I think I have to say these were my favourite by far! And nope, that statement wasn't affected by the giddyness of it being my birthday :P 

You have to get in early to get a chance with these, so sleepy heads beware. We had one flavour each...Reese's Pieces, Strawberries and Cream, and Mint Slice. I love when the dough is softly dense but not so dense that you feel like you're eating a sourdough version of a doughnut...and when it's a neutral base for a sugary filling so overall you don't feel like you're going to float out the door on a ridiculous sugar high. Mine was Reese's Pieces...but I honestly couldn't pick a favourite. One thing I do know is I'm making a beeline back to Small-fry next time I'm in Hobart. I'm guessing if the rest of their food is as good as the doughnuts (and I'm thinking it is based on what I saw!) then I'm thinking you should be making a beeline too! 

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