The Apple Shed

I will admit that I was hoping to find apple pies of Enid-Blyton-novel proportions at the Apple Shed...and I wasn't disappointed.

This shed, in the Huon Valley (Tasmania) is part museum, part providore, part cellar door for cider tastings and in the middle of all of this...a beautiful big rustic cafe with gorgeous valley and mountain views.

Back in 1888, Willie Smith knew what he was on about choosing this location for an orchard. Known as the Apple Isle, Tasmania officially has the world's cleanest air and is one of the purest environments in which to farm with rich soil and rainfall.  

Nowadays, Willie Smiths is known as Australia's first organic cidery, drawing on the history of four generations of farming and brewing...and maintaining the traditional methods of cideries in Northern France.

Aside from the apple pie, I was also smitten with the wall of apples...and wandering the grounds with camera in hand as the mist rolled in from the hills. We had a super tasty lunch + cider here...and will most definitely be back.

You'll find The Apple Shed at 2064 Huon Highway, Grove, Tasmania. If you're not headed in that direction, keep an eye out for stockists of Willie Smith's cider...they're all over Australia.

Click through to visit  my store ...designer of unique and custom 8x10 prints for the walls of bigs and littles :)

Click through to visit my store...designer of unique and custom 8x10 prints for the walls of bigs and littles :)