Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder

Having breakfast somewhere where they dedicate a whole room to cheese can only be a good decision...

I've been eyeing off a visit to Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder for years. The closest I ever got was during the frenzy that was my sister's bridesmaid dress hunt...middle of summer...dying for a cool drink. But duty called so we took it to go (after I gazed longingly at the door of the cheese room I might add) and I've been wanting to go back ever since.

You read right...cheese room. I would totally understand if you abandoned reading this right now in favour of trip planning for that room alone. Cheese is stinky y'all...(and I did wonder if they get used to it ever because it hits you like a wall when you walk in)...but my goodness the wandering (and drooling ;) you can do in there. Humidity controlled, locally and internationally sourced, and with changes to reflect the seasons, how can you go wrong? I would suggest making friends with one of the cheesemongers and let them do the talking because they looked so tasty and unique...(the cheeses I mean!) it would be impossible to choose without advice. There is also a cheese subscription...if ever there was a reason to ditch a magazine subscription this might be it :)

Clearly a Melbourne favourite, it was warm and bustling and a perfect place to have a quick breakfast on the run (us) or linger with the newspaper and good coffee (everyone else).  I wish I had room to sample from the sweets cabinet...and next time I am definitely taking advantage of the larder selection (think relishes, jams and other take home goodies).  

She had...

Sweet corn and corainder fritters with avocado, soft poached egg, frisee salad,
RHCL tomato & capsicum relish & bacon

+ Smoothie with house made almond milk, Shultz's organic yoghurt, honey, bananas & Spirulina

He had...

Croque Madam with smoked ham, parmesan bechamel, sourdough,
Gruyere cheese & friend organic egg

Loved our breakfast. It'd be wise to take advantage of the fact they know their cheese and incorporate that into your meal somehow like Luke Croque Madam either of us had ever had in a long time. I had a little food-envy (I think everyone does when someone orders a Croque anything!)...but I have to say my fritters were so light and lovely I would have a hard time going past them next time also.  Yes, definitely a return on the cards...probably many :)

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