One + Four = Life...Easter Edition

Cookies and autumn leaves...creative spaces for the curious and sun streaming through coffee shop windows...One + Four = Life...the Easter edition :)


1. Dreaming up a "mission statement" or blog tagline of what I want my site to represent...the recipe for these tasty cranberry & dark choc vegan cookies is coming up this week :)

2. Taking in Autumn in we had dropped over to Luke's Grandma's house to take her dog for a walk whilst she's in hospital. It's so much fun to take a dog who wants to say hello to everyone for a wander. Our dog Riley is a little less interested in people and more interested in laying down his life to protect us from anything dangerous that should cross his path like leaves blowing in the wind and such ;)

3. One of my favourite coffee shops now has a creative space above it called Made in Common. It's a space for curious people to seek out, and creative people to do their thing. There's retail, a photography studio, and a hair studio all kind've rolled into one.

4. Another favourite coffee shop was all dressed up for Easter...this is the sun streaming through their windows making shadows on the industrial front counter :)

Have also been working on some cute printable downloads to include in my newsletter going out this week. There's one for tea drinkers too :) If you'd like to get your paws on an A4 print of the above then pop your email address in the box below! One more day of the long's to making the most of it wherever you may be xx

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