How to Crochet a Hexagon

What do Bradley Cooper and crochet have in common? Probably just this blog's to crocheting a hexagon with the help of YouTube...if I can figure it out anyone can :)

Let me be 100% honest here...yarn and I have never been besties...all my attempts knitting projects have never been followed through. There was that one time I crocheted a scarf...but I'm easily distracted so the stitch I started out with probably wasn't what I ended up sticking with...I think I made it up as I went along...and it ended up being so long that you would need to be VERY tall to wear it. Lost track of time and measurement watching a I said, easily distracted :) Exhibit A below on the right is my attempt at a crochet square during an actual "in person" class...a good hour or so went into that...I got where everyone was coming from, but it didn't stick with me until I found this...

Meet Me At Mikes "How to Crochet a Hexagon" YouTube tutorials. Can I just pause and say how lucky we are to live in the age of YouTube? We can learn so much (and let's be honest, lose so much time to dog videos and Bradley Cooper interviews in just me?) But let me just say...the fact that these turned out in an actual recognizable shape...that I could like join together and turn into a blanket if I was so inclined...stunned.

I'm not saying they're masterpieces...and if you're an experienced crochet-er (is that the word?!) you might see what I like to call the sweet little imperfections that go along with learning as you go. But I am saying if you and yarn didn't get along in the past, there is potential to be acquaintances if not best friends...if I can stumble through this and come out the other side, it anyone can :) So I'm thinking a mostly neutral rug...with just the centre of each hexagon as little pops of colour...what do you think? What are you making at the moment?

Thanks Pip...and Caitlin for keeping me motivated :)

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