Frankie Magazine's "Spaces" Book

The restoration of an old caravan to become the home of an Etsy store; a commercial space renovated to become a minimalist home to a family with a design studio wanting to escape the city; a pink `Sugar Shack' by the sea on the coast of Western Australia where dresses are sewn from op-shop finds...Frankie Magazine's new book Spaces is full of so much goodness. I've included some of my favourite quotes and photo snippets below...

You know how one of my favourite things is peeking into the spaces where people live and create? It's as if the lovely crew behind Frankie Magazine custom wrote and photographed their Spaces book especially for me! I wish haha...but :)

Margeaux - Dunoon, NSW
"I love sitting in my old green armchair stitching something while listening to music. The light in there in the afternoon is magic, and at night I sit in there sewing, listening to the quiet house and the sound of owls and frogs.”

Patience & John - Camp Hill, QLD
“There are pompoms in our front tree,” says Patience. “Two weeks ago I saw a boy walking home from school. He stopped and shook one of them, fluffed it and kept walking. It was so cute.”

Little Gold Studios - Brunswick, VIC
There’s a very hard-working atmosphere here, but it’s also really calm. The little community is the number-one thing about the space. It’s not a glitzy community; it’s a little ramshackle, a little dusty, but also full of energy and life. There’s a bit of magic, seeing the energy being created. The cross-pollination of skills - you can feed off it.

Netti - Canberra, ACT
In her bedroom, she can hardly fit another thing in the wardrobe and her accessories are carefully boxed up in suitcases and old boxes. “There’s one for stockings, another for winter gloves, one for summer gloves and ribbons are in the yellow one…” She doesn’t like to refer to her belongings as ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’. “I hate being categorised, it gives the idea of it being a fad or a phase,” she says. “I live it and breathe it and love it and it makes me happy. It’s not something I’ve just discovered; I went through it when it was really uncool.”

Lili & Edie - Latrobe, TAS
“In the morning, Edie and I will spend our time foraging for seasonal produce, hunting for the eggs and tending to the vegetable garden and fruit trees,’ Lili says. While Edie naps, Lili often gets to work in the caravan sewing clothes or creating a new felt character for her online shop. “Always with a cup of tree,” she adds.

Ash & Rose - Redfern, NSW
After stumbling into each other while working in a record store four years ago and swapping mix tapes - an age-old indie mating ritual - we found that making music together was a pretty great thing, and thus our band, a folk-pop duo named Achoo! Bless You, was born.

Ingrid - Hill End, NSW
Ingrid has made an outdoor dining room, protected by a wall with an opening in the centre. This frames a view to the church across the hill and, at twilight, mobs of kangaroos contemplating the evening air. It’s here she comes to first thing in the morning for a coffee, and often for lunch or dinner, especially when friends are visiting. “I’ve just discovered the word `sobremesa’, which is that thing of sitting around the table for hours, talking after a meal,” she says. “There’s time to do that here in a way that’s not possible in the city. This house has added a dimension to my life.”

I'm only two thirds of the way through the's one one of those books that you try to keep going as long as possible, not wanting it to end. I've also just discovered this is a Volume to go get my paws on Volume 1 ASAP :)

Where is your favourite space to be creative? I've claimed one of our spare rooms as a study and I'm in the process of trying to get a custom desk top built to fit in front of the window that looks out at our backyard and down the hill...I'm going to decorate with lots of fairy lights, a little Emily McDowell & a Typo Light Box. What about you...where do you like to get crafty?