Favourite Online Magazines Lately

An online homewares & design magazine with a focus on Australian + indie finds? Special editions of Flow Magazine with a focus on paper & design via their tablet app? Current editions of a tonne of magazines available online from the Bendigo Library if you're a member?  All of the above for free? Yes, read on my magazine loving friends :)

Winkelen Magazine: A gorgeous free online magazine jam packed with beautiful things for your home. I love that they include sweet indie finds from sources such as Etsy and Made It ...and the majority of sources (if not everything) is Australian. So you know that moment when you're in the middle of a mag, fall in love with something and then realise it's going to cost a bazillion dollars to ship it to Australia? Not going to happen with this one! :) They have a DIY section...and this issue includes features on kids rooms, schmancy tea towels and teapots, and styling with wallpaper and concrete (separate features, not the same wall!) Love it.

Flow Magazine: Flow is an actual paper magazine, but they also have an app for tablets that allows you to download lovely smaller special editions for free. The first special edition was "All About Paper" and the current one is "All About Snail Mail" (shown below).  If the next one happens to be called "All About Ryan Gosling" then I will pretty much know they're making the special editions especially just for me and my greatest loves ;) I like how this magazine is interactive with bits and pieces to touch on screen; includes a DIY section with instructional videos built in with paper crafting; features some awesome paper stockists that you can stalk online...and it's short and sweet so if you're running low on time you can still squeeze a whole issue in! I'm 100% hooked.

Got a Bendigo Library membership card? Love reading magazines? Want to read current awesome titles for free on your computer, tablet or smartphone? I'm talking Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Yen, Peppermint...lots of interior design / health and fitness / sport / technology mags as well...I was really impressed with the range.

 Maybe I'm the last person in town to discover this, but in case I'm not, I'm sharing it with you now! Small disclaimer: this one might just be for the locals...but check your local library because you just never know, it might be available for you too :) Follow this link to the E-Library section of the website. Scroll right to the end of the page and click on "Free Digital Magazines / Zinio Magazines" link. Create a new account on the next site using your library card number. Once you browse and check out a magazine, when you're ready to read it will prompt you to either sign in (or sign up for) a free Zinio account. Zinio is a common website that lots of magazine companies use to send you their digital issues when you have subscriptions...and has apps for your phone/tablet as well as being able to use it on the computer. Once you're logged into Zinio, whichever magazine you checked out will show up in your library. If you see anything about being only able to sample the magazine you checked out (instead of read the entire thing for free), sign out of Zinio and then back in again. This only happened to me once :) But if you get stuck, I'm sure you can contact the lovely staff at Bendigo Library for help!  

Waiting for a doctor's appointment with magazines from three years ago with the best pages ripped out will now be a thing of the past...lucky you! :)

Do you read magazines online? Always up for new reads if you're up for sharing! :)

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