Rubii Design Q&A (Part 1)

Capturing everyday moments with her children and sharing the stories that go with them...her work as a photographer of newborns and their families...and her lovely light filled studio that I know you will love as much as I did. Meet Mel from Rubii Design...

I've been watching Mel's work from afar...and had hopes of featuring her in a Q&A blog post for a long time. Once I started to follow her 'photo a day' series on Facebook I was more than hooked. She has the ability to write about and capture true everyday moments with her own children...the shrieks-of-laughter moments...and the tear stained ones. Add to the mix her work as a professional photographer...gorgeous light-filled images of little ones and their families...well it's just simply beautiful and I've been so looking forward to sharing it with you :)

How did you become a photographer? 

I first picked up a film camera in year 10 at high school when they offered it was an elective subject.  I instantly fell in love with cameras, photographs etc.  From there I studied one year at Uni doing visual arts, majoring in photography, and then the rest was self taught.  I bought my first camera when I was 18, and taught myself what I felt I needed to know, and it all slowly developed from there. 

How has your style/subjects changed over time?

My style of photography has definitely changed over the past 8-10 years. When I first started my business I focused on Engagements and Weddings, and loved the feeling of capturing someone’s special day. My style has always been to capture a pure and true moment, rather than just a posed photograph. I think that’s something that has always been me, it’s always come from my heart.  

Whilst pregnant with my first baby, just before she was born, I retired my business, and ‘hung up my boots’ so to speak. I never thought I would re-open the business again… I just wanted to be a ‘stay at home mum’, and spend time with my baby.  But after about 3 years, and 2 babies within 12 months, I started picking up my camera again, documenting both my babies and moments in our lives. I had then found a new passion/zest for photography, and decided to start working again, but this time the focus being on newborns, babies and families.

My style is still very much a calm, light refreshing style, that aims to capture the emotion within a moment. I love that about my style, and I think since becoming a mum, I’ve realised that these moments are far more precious and important to capture.  

What equipment/camera do you use and which is your favourite lens?

I use a Canon 5D MKIII, which I absolutely love. I have quite a few lenses that I use depending on what type of session I am photographing, but my favourite lens at the moment is the 50mm 1.2L series lens. It allows my style to be more prominent. It really allows the photograph to tell a story. 

Describe your workspace/studio...

We have just moved our studio into a new room of my house and I LOVE it! I wanted to create a room that felt calm and relaxing, yet still beautiful and elegant like a photography studio.  It’s bright and airy, and filled with lots of organic, neutral and natural things that suit my style of work. There are lots of unique toys and books for kids to play with. Beautiful natural organic wraps and blankets for styling my sessions. A beautiful big and comfortable rocking chair if mums need to take the time to feed their babies. It’s a space I could sit it and read and book or work on the laptop. I really do love it. 

How do you overcome creative blocks and/or keep yourself motivated with your own business?

This is a tricky one.  And sometimes when I am flooded with bookings, I find it hard to be creative and come up with new ideas that are fresh. But before my session, I really to find out a little bit more about the clients who are I can take the time to think about what will work in that session. I like to try and come up with something ‘new’ each time if I can. To try something I haven’t done before. It’s not always that easy, and sometimes the sessions don’t go exactly as planned, but sometimes that is good. It’s challenging, which I love. 

Because I couldn't bring myself to edit this Q&A (too much goodness!) to fit into a regular sized post, I decided to include a part two which I'll be posting on Tuesday. This way, we get to share more photos...including extras of Mel's studio :)  

In part two, Mel shares her thoughts about the Photo a Day project she's been working on, where she finds design inspiration, the challenges of working with little ones...her favourite thing about being a Mum, and advice for those of us looking to improve our photography skills.  See you Tuesday!

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All photography on this post by Rubii Design used with the permission of Mel.