Ten Bloggers, Eleven Questions

An excuse for me to ask ten lovely bloggers eleven curious questions? Yes please! 


So...I learned from Aimee...a local blogger who does some crazy beautiful things with paper and digital design...that Liebster is a German word that means "favourite, lovely, nice, dearest." And if you get passed the "Liebster Award" by a fellow blogger, they will ask you a bunch of interesting/personal questions. You then share the Liebster with 10 of your favourite blogs (with a max of 200 Bloglovin' followers)...and ask them 11 questions so we can all find some new reads. If they're up for it, they do the same...the aim is to share some new reads :) It's a good old fashioned blog award/sharing fest! Sound good? Here's Aimee's questions for me... 

1. What is your favorite breakfast? 
Probably anything along the lines of French Toast...no surprises that I often gravitate towards sweet over savoury...though I would make an exception for a good potato rosti on the side of an eggs benedict :) If I could somehow have breakfast or dessert for every meal of the day I'd be in heaven...

2. What’s in your handbag right now?
Eclipse chewy mints, lip balm, umbrella, band aids (I'm a complete klutz!!), iPhone...and random receipts/parking stubs that I'm always forgetting to throw out!!

3. How did you come to join the blogger world?
I wanted to learn more about photography and design...and writing & food styling. But left to my own devices I could just as easily put off these goals & go watch an episode of Real Housewives of NYC instead. Having a blog is a way to be accountable creatively if that's such a thing. A self imposed blogging schedule and knowing a few other people were checking in & reading meant I would have to have projects to write about or document, and along the way learn some new things. Plus I'm majorly addicted to reading blogs so I was going to try it out at some stage, just for fun if nothing else!

4. What is your biggest accomplishment and why?
I think I'm quite hard on myself when it comes to what I consider an accomplishment of my own, because I'm always thinking about what to try out next or maybe comparing myself to what I see others achieve (which isn't always a good thing to do!). I would say though, on a personal note, being married for ten years is something I think is awesome...so I'm going to choose that! :)

5. What inspires you to create?
Blogs, Pinterest & Instagram. Sometimes I feel overloaded by inspiration in the feeds I watch and it can make me feel a little overwhelmed & not sure how to start the next project...but for the most part something will jump out at me and get my brain ticking over. I also love magazines like Fete and Donna Hay for photography/styling inspiration.

6. Do you have any creative rituals?
I have trouble starting in a messy environment so one of my creative rituals should be to clean up first...but this doesn't always happen! Once I've figured out what I'm doing, I often listen to Show & Tell, The Conversation or podcasts when I'm in the middle of making stuff....hardly ever music strangely. But I end do pause/play/pause/play a lot because I need silence to think things through at certain stages.

7. Best advice you ever got?
Just breathe. Both in terms of "just pause for a moment" and also physically slowing breathing down and concentrating on on the process. There are many moments this advice can get you through!

8. What is one product you can't live without?
Lucas Paw Paw...I am a magnet for mosquitos and when they bite me it takes FOREVER for the bites to subside...this little tube of magic is the only thing that soothes them. Oh, and Photoshop :))

9. Is there a particular skill you worked hard to teach yourself and why?
Probably going 100% manual with my camera...which is an "in progress" skill, but gradually I'm finding it start to become second nature (especially after Angie Baxter's workshop)...but I need to expand that skill to include not relying on my iPhone camera as heavily. iPhones are just so "always there"...

10. Book that changed your life?
I'm just starting Brene Brown's "The Gift's of Imperfection" and getting a sense this could be one of them. "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller..."The Happiness Trap" (still reading) by Russ Harris. I like to read many different genres of books so I guess they all contribute in their own way...it's hard to narrow it down to one...

11. If money and time was no object what would you have done today?
Had crepes for breakfast in Paris!

And should they choose to participate (totally up to them, no pressure!), their eleven questions would be:

1. Your go-to movie snack (or general sneaky sweet treat) would be...?

2. The best way to spend a grey rainy day is...?

3. How do you break yourself free from a creative block?

4. One of the best lessons you've learned about blogging is....

5. If you could spend a day walking in someone else's shoes, whose would they be and why?

6. Describe your creative/blogging space?

7. Your most valuable travel tip would be...

8. Your online weakness is... (a.k.a. Pinterest, Cat Videos on You Tube, Jennifer Lawrence gifs etc!)

9. When/where do your creative ideas come to you most? (solo road trips, hiking etc) 

10. One crafty tool / design tip / creative strategy you couldn't do without is...

11.  The smartphone app you are currently obsessed with is....

Let me know if you decide to take up (and pass on!) the challenge, I'd love to read your answers :)

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