Best Post-Workout Smoothie + Other Favourites

Some of my favourite things I've picked up along the way...including a sweet set of watercolours...a cute bluetooth speaker that sounds as good as it looks...and my favourite post work-out smoothie recipe!

These are my new favourite thing to play with, especially given how my old ones never dissolved properly in water...these are just so lovely to work with in comparison. I found them at Blue Bazaar for $25.00. If you're willing to wait, there's a larger set with more colours but they're currently on backorder.

When your smart phone or tablet is running out of charge and the little USB size chargers aren't going to cut it (or there's more than one device needing power) this Romoss power pack is excellent. It's about the size of a quarter of an A4 sheet of paper and isn't ridiculously heavy. I picked mine up on eBay for about $30 with free's the Sense 4...and it's the best for when you're traveling. Two of the guys in my office swear by them...which convinced my sister to buy hers for galavanting around Europe...which convinced me to buy mine. Love :)

My favourite pair of 3/4 workout tights/pants don't have real pockets...maybe a teeny tiny one for a house key but that's about it...and I've shopped around, lots of them are exactly the same. So I saw the FlipBelt on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a go. It sits around your waist (or hips) like a belt but kinda just looks like a coloured band at the top of your tights. There are two "pockets" on the front and can slide things like keys, your phone, credit cards, gym passes etc into them...and if you're really worried about keeping them safe flip the belt over so the pocket openings are against your body. It feels super snug...and I usually just use it to hold my iPhone when I'm on machines at the gym...sooo many times in the past I've accidentally dropped my phone or got my cord tangled around a piece of equipment...none of this has happened since I've been wearing my flip belt...and I don't even flip it over :) It comes in bright colours (with reflective writing) if you want to stand out, or blacks and greys if you want it to blend in with your workout gear. I love it!

I've been looking for ages for a bluetooth speaker (no cables) that doesn't look ugly and has decent sound...and I couldn't go past the UE Boom by Logitech. It has to be said that I'm not a huge audio geek...and with any kind of portable speaker you're not going to get the same level of sound you get our of your home setup...but I also don't like tinny sound with zero bass, so I thought this was a good compromise. Best thing to do is go in store and pair your smartphone to one and try your favourite track. They're about the size of a standard bottle of water...and also just the right size to fit into a car cup holder too. Speaking can use them as a speakerphone if you're in a car without bluetooth built awesome is that?! You can also install an app on your phone if you want to play with the settings or pair two together to play the same music . I just love how portable it is to throw in a bag and take on a trip...listen to podcasts/music wherever you may be...and they take ages to run out of charge. I found mine at Dick Smith Electronics...they seemed to have more colour choices than JB Hifi at the time.

Right now, one of my main motivations to work out is the smoothie I get to have at home afterwards! My recipe in order of what goes into the blender first is:

  • a few ice cubes
  • about half a cup of milk
  • about a tablespoon of white chia seeds that have been soaking in half a cup of water until they get plump
  • a tablespoon of Healthy Chef protein powder, vanilla
  • a heaped teaspoon of raw cacao powder
  • half a banana

Teresa Cutter's protein powder is as natural as I've's only got four ingredients...and it doesn't make me feel un-naturally full and puffy like others that I've tried. Luke puts it in our homemade protein balls as well...yum! 

So there you have it...some favourite things I've found that I've been looking forward to sharing for aaaages :)

What's your favourite post workout smoothie recipe?

These are things I've found and purchased myself. That is, none of this content is sponsored by anyone...just me sharing stuff with you :)

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