Safe Haven Collection

A rusted bike needing restoration, a secret envelope necklace, a rugged coastline & a vintage map to depict it. A handful of antique cash register flags, and a yellow wooden floor. The common thread? That I was tiring of my usual Etsy/Pinterest themed collections around one specific item (aka owls) and wondered if I could pull together a collection to reflect something this case the movie I'd just watched...Safe Haven. Confession time: Nicholas Sparks' movies set by the water (aren't they all?!) are one of my weaknesses. Some choices will be obvious, others will make sense having read the book or watched the movie. It just so happens `nautical' seems to be trending so it was the perfect time to gather a group of finds to share...



  • House in the Woods: via Pinterest. Note, if you go googling for `house in the woods' you come across some really spooky stuff...maybe it's just because I'm generally a bit of a scaredy cat...but I should never have gone to that `Creepy Stuff' board I found on Pinterest...should be re-named `Guaranteed To Give You Spooky Shivers' board.
  • Antique Cash Register Flags: via Anise Sprout on Etsy
  • Leather Flag: from Pony Rider
  • Secret Note Envelope Necklace: via Liz Lamoreux on Etsy
  • Black Leather Luggage: via 86 Home on Etsy


Do you love or loathe sappy romantic movies?  :)

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