Bendigo Magazine Winter Issue

My contribution to the latest issue of the Bendigo Magazine (p.45) tells some of the stories behind the street art (aka paste ups) on display in Bendigo's Chancery Lane. Artist Kelly Robson explains the process behind her paste up creations and how she's become involved in exhibitions and tours of the space. Megan Spencer gives some background on how the laneway art has evolved and her role as a curator for some of the paste up exhibitions outside El Gordo cafe. Since the article was written, El Gordo has changed hands & Megan (former owner/curator/journalist/radio presenter/film maker) assures us that new owners Mike and Sara are equally excited and passionate about continuing the tradition of El Gordo's outdoor gallery space :) Be sure to stop in and introduce yourself...and don't forget to check out Kelly's gorgeous blog. Come back on Sunday for a blog post showing the full Q&A with Kelly, and Wednesday for Megan's Q&A.

Photo of Kelly Robson's character by Megan Spencer

Photo of Kelly Robson's character by Megan Spencer

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Click  here  for the full article.

Click here for the full article.

Excerpt: I like to think of laneways as little pockets of space where it’s acceptable to be a bit different from the outside world. The bustle of day-to-day traffic and to-do lists can keep bubbling away along the main streets, but step off the footpath and into a laneway & something changes. The cafes & stores that inhabit these detours from the mainstream adjust to the smaller spaces accordingly, and often creatively. In turn, the laneways attract the curious…those willing to wander without timetable, come what may.  

             There’s plenty to love about Bendigo’s `Chancery Lane’, like El Gordo’s red velvet cupcakes & steaming winter soups (their cauliflower soup is my favourite). The Dispensary serves their hot chocolate in a bowl, and has an ever-changing menu of feasts. There’s also an extensive menu from which to pamper yourself at Jools for Jim, after which you could pop into Robe to browse for a new statement piece in your wardrobe.

I’m also equally smitten with the designs that run the length of the laneway’s exposed brick wall…paintings and paste-ups…I’ve often wondered about the stories behind them, and how they came to be.  I found the answers I was looking for from the curator of a sweet little gallery/cafe, and a local artist who loves nothing more than taking time out with her sketchbook & a pot of hot tea....

There's plenty of goodies to check out in the magazine. Page 63 gives a history of the gorgeous former Colonial Bank building (now Bunja Thai). Page 75 gives all the details about the free app for Bendigo with all the info you would need if you were stopping by for a visit. Page 107 has a sweet fashion shoot in one of my favourite cafes, Brewhouse. I'm also loving the gorgeous light in Erica and Scott's wedding on page 146...and lastly who could go past this little cutie...Peggy the dog (page 168). 

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