Ribbons & Lamb's Ears

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, for one very important reason...this week was 100% devoted to designing wedding invitations for my sister. I am pleased to announce that as I type, the invitations are all tucked away in their hand addressed envelopes on a road trip home, about to be posted. But, I made one mock version so I could share them with you...times & locations as determined by none other than Kate & Wills :)  

When we were narrowing down her choices, we called the picture below "the lamb's ears invite" because of the leaves in the photo. They were in Mum's garden when we were kids, and I don't know if everyone calls them that, but they were soft and squishy with fine coating of fur...and we were often raising a few orphaned lambs at any given moment so that's what we called them... 

Above are the two examples she found on Pinterest that we worked from in the end. Nikki and Tommy should be proud to know their swing tag was the first thing locked in  and we went from there. She wanted something like a postcard, to be untied and opened to see all the pieces inside...something that didn't have sleeves or shells for the structure...a mixture of formal with a little bit of whimsy (like the appearance of the sketched heart by Paislee Press.) I don't know how people did this before Pinterest & Skype...it makes collaborating when you don't live in the same place so much easier.

Black metallic envelopes & card from Papermarc in Hawthorn; ribbon from Spotlight &  Martha Stewart scallop punch...the best quality one I've ever used...pity Spotlight no longer stocks this range. Accent card from Central Vic Office Supplies, Bendigo.


Details of the wedding blurred on purpose as they are not mine to share :) I used my Bamboo tablet to draw a map of the location...totally in love with the watercolour brushes in Photoshop. 

There were some less than ideal moments...like finding the perfect ribbon at Spotlight but them only having half of what we needed. The computer system said there was more on the shelf...so we literally pulled apart their ribbon aisle to try and find it...which included one of us walking out of the store with dust bunnies in our hair from lying on the floor and looking under the shelves for the missing reel. I will never just dump ribbon on a random shelf for the Spotlight people to put away again!

It's a weekend I'll always remember...sitting around the dining table with both my sisters talking long into the night as we cut and pasted (and browsed Pinterest!) and watched Friends episodes on the iPad...Riley got completely spoiled with lots of hugs and walks...listening to Adele & Julia Stone...snacking on granola...all important coffee deliveries and hazelnut hot chocolates discovered...going out for lunch at Sim'R and falling asleep to `Made in Chelsea' during nap breaks. It's always a mammoth job that you kind've forget the extent of until you're up to your ears in paper scraps and applying bandaids to avoid blisters. But I wouldn't have it any other way...it makes it all feel real...now we just have to be patient and wait for the day to arrive :)

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