Loving Lately

A collection of online finds that I'm loving lately...including a wedding moment that will make you smile, an interview with an illustrator, old school stickers, and some interior/fashion eye candy. My `loving lately' file is full to the brim thanks to holiday browsing time :)

  1. Seen & Noted Black/White Label Maker Phrases Stickers by Pebbles: There's something about the classic old school look of these types of labels. I'm so very tempted to get a label maker to punch out my own personalized phrases...I love the tactile feel of them & black and white will go with anything
  2. Major blog crush on Oh Joy...talk about design eye candy, everything she does is just magical...this is her photo shoot by the magazine within the Anthropologie website...and whilst we're talking crushes, I'm very drawn to that coral/orange colour at the moment
  3. For years I've been coming across Moop bags in random places online and without even realising they were all the same brand, I keep clicking on them and coming back to this website.  I love the worn look and the blue lining of this one...and also the satchel style, I think it subconsciously reminds me of `back to school' days which in turn reminds me of stationery purchases...yum! (Random Seinfeld Quote: I'm sorry, the card says Moops!)
  4. Whilst the whole apartment may not exactly be my style, I loved this photo of of the shoes halfway up a worn whitewashed staircase. Click through to Radostina's gorgeous website 79 Ideas for more photos from this apartment tour. (Photography by Barry Calhoun, styled by Tara Ballantyne)
  5. Moment Junkie is a blog that collects `moments' in wedding photography from around the world...but not the typical storybook moments you would always expect...this is one of my favourites called "The Crackup" (Photography by Jessica Horton)
  6. From the archives of The Design Files, an interview with illustrator and cartoonist Oslo Davis. I'm a big fan of his `Overheard' series in M Magazine...where he does cartoons for conversations he overhears in Melbourne. As always, I can't go past an interview about a creative soul I admire and the space in which they weave their magic :)

Lastly, something I'm inspired by that I found on one of my favourite blogs, Creature Comforts...a collective effort by bloggers to reveal the reality behind the seemingly perfect images that we so often associate with their real lives. I know I have an active interest in photography/styling etc...but it's all too easy to let your brain make the jump to assuming the lives behind your favourite reads are just as gorgeously styled and effortlessly beautiful. I like to live in hope that they also might be leaving the washing in the dryer all week instead of sorting, or making a last minute run to Subway for tea because time got away from them!  

What's inspiring you lately?

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