Loving Lately

Whilst I am taking a mini break from blogging (at the beach!) for a few days, I hope you like these online finds that have been inspiring me lately...

  1. Happy Birthday Pinot at HelenJane.com.  Helen Jane's blog was one of the first I ever started reading...back before Google Reader and RSS feeds...I remember actually visiting every individual website to see if there was a new post...rockin' it old school!  Anyway I loved this post about her dog Pinot and all the special things the family does for him on his birthday every year...including letting him take the lead on his birthday walk, love this...the sign of a true dog person :) (Photo Credit: Helen Jane)
  2. You've heard me rave about Paper Boat Press many times before, now they have a real deal bricks and mortar store! If ever I am passing through Brisbane I am so going to visit...how adorable is their opening hours sign...everything Kylie does is magic. (Photo Credit: Ashley Oostdyck)
  3. The Design Files interview with Sophie Holt, creative director of Country Road. This photo is of their colour library at Country Road HQ.  I am always intrigued with interviews about creative people and the paths they took to be where they are today...definitely worth checking out. (Photo Credit: Sean Fennessy)
  4. How sweet is this DIY tutorial by O Happy Day for a Mini Marquee Sign with Lights! Some detailed work involved there but the end result is some candy-coloured goodness...cute animation too! (Photo Credit: Heather Zweig)
  5. Completely smitten with this 2013 Wanderlust  calendar by Eye Poetry Photography. They are high on my list as one of my favourite Etsy stores for their dreamy travel photography...I had no idea they did a calendar until now.  I wonder if that would fit into my Christmas stocking?!
  6. Hello macaron lovers...are you up for a challenge? This snickers macaron by Bakers Royale is ah-mah-zing (as Penny from "Happy Endings" would say!) Look no further for a volunteer taste tester...anyone..??

Design Elements: Numbers by Paislee Press

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