Loving Lately

I go through ebbs and flows with being inspired by things online.  My Google Reader* blog subscriptions are so out of control that I have hidden the unread count and realise I will never EVER be "caught up"...yet with all that inspiration at the click of a mouse...I can never predict what's going to grab me and why sometimes my list of favourite finds sits dormant and other times its overflowing.  Lucky for you, lately it has been bursting at the seams so time to share some finds!

  • You know I am obsessed with fonts and all things lettering...so I'm loving this new way of making your own font that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has shared.  Using an iPad app, she's made two fonts that you can download..."Love Love" and 'Tall `n Skinny"...or you could download the app and try it out for yourself. (Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess)
  • I always fall in love with avocado again around this time of year...though you can get it year round at the supermarket, it makes more of an appearance around here during summer.  I love to have it smashed onto toast with ricotta/salt & pepper...or squished into a toasted focaccia with turkey and cranberry...but most of all we wrap it up in chicken burritos, one of our standard weeknight meals when we're working!  Sarah Wilson shares "12 Things With Avocado"...I have my eye on the avocado and almond dip in particular. Sarah is a lovely Australian blogger with a popular eBook about living life without sugar...something I haven't yet figured out how to do given my love of desserts but it gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it! This photo was from Pinterest/Tumblr sadly with no visible credits
  • With summer just around the corner, wouldn't it be lovely to throw a rooftop (or decking in my case) dinner party...there is nothing better than eating outside as the sun slips past the horizon leaving behind twinkling fairy lights & good company...and dessert! What I loved most about this post was the absolute simplicity of these DIY table runners...literally just kraft paper and paint...nothing tricky there but how awesome do they look.  There is a more detailed look at the DIY on a later post here. (Photo Credit: Karen Cline for O Happy Day)
  • novlovinglately2small.jpg
  • Lately I seem to be all about falling over gorgeous freebie posters promoting "just do it/make it happen/just start" approaches. I'm starting to wonder if I should be picking up on a message here and starting that Etsy store of mine :) In the meantime, enjoy this beautifully designed motivational poster...(by Bernadette Siwa and Sian Richardson for Danielle LaPorte)
  • I can't remember how I came across this stunning property in Daylesford known as Morgantis...but talk about interior design eye candy. You need to click through to the website and scroll through the pictures...I have spent a LOT of time trawling short stay property websites (as principal getaway organizer in my family!) and these photos take it up a notch compared to most websites....but it would be hard not to, what an amazing house...can I buy it please?! I had serious trouble choosing just two photos...I want to spend a week there baking scones and playing board games by the fire...leaving my gumboots at the back door after talking a walk at dusk through the paddocks...sinking into bed to read a good book in a house that no doubt has a few stories of its own...
  • Lastly, loved this video of Swiss Miss telling of her love of design, how she started her blog, and accidentally created an amazing list creation solution...aaah lists, love.