Loving Lately

Online Finds Lately Sharing some beautiful things that I have come across in my travels (online and local) lately.

  1. Little Ink: A New Zealand store that specialises in lovely packaging, baking, crafting & party supplies...with a minimalist/natural feel combined with splashes of simple colour.  The title image of their website is just stunning...it reminds me of Donna Hay/Katie Quinn Davies styling...with a lovely whitewashed breathable effect. Love your work Suzie!
  2. Starlight print by Cake With Giants: a Melbourne store on Etsy selling gorgeous prints...this one is my favourite followed closely by the Merci Beaucoup or How to Set A Table print.  You may have come across Cake With Giants illustrations in places like Frankie magazine
  3. Sophie & Lili watercolour sketches: in love with these...I wish I knew how to draw like this, I'd make a little avatar for my "About Me" page...she'd be wearing knee high boots with quirky socks poking out the top, a pleated skirt & a duffel coat with a red scarf, and some glasses as her blogger disguise...or I suppose technically now she'd be dressing for summer...with ballet flats & a floaty above the knee skirt, denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up & her ever present sunnies...I should've paid more attention in art class! There's also a Society 6 store that sells the designs as iPhone covers & stationery amongst other things. Blog is here...and have just stumbled upon the illustrations for Oh Joy's "How I'd Wear..." series!
  4. Just Begin: Freebie printable designed by Ali Edwards for Paper Coterie...this one in Watermelon but there's six colours to choose from.  I need to print this out where I see it everyday...I am the Queen of procrastination...something which has not been helped by the invention of Pinterest!
  5. Tea & Sympathy: article in The Age by Annie Smithers (photo by Jennifer Soo). I've been to Annie's restaurant in Kyneton...I had no idea she was such a talented writer as well...beautiful article.

Local Finds

Two local photos...the ceiling of a local restaurant, Bunja Thai. It used to be a bank when I was little...I remember going there with Mum and whilst she was talking to the teller I would run my little fingers along the red ropes with gold dividers, or stand staring at the cavernous ceiling feeling very small...it still makes me feel small all these years later!  We went for a belated birthday dinner with friends I have known since high school...(the Roti Bread alone is worth the visit)...love this place, and love friendships that stand the test of time :) The other photo is Bircher Muesli at Brewhouse Coffee Roasters.

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