I'd like to explore some animation...

I've animated with paper and wood, play-dough and gin, a reindeer, a koala and a giraffe. I'm also addicted to all the special effects possible in digital animation...shhhh don't tell the giraffe ;) If you're looking to catch the eye of your Instagram followers, or want to make those who "just browse & scroll" pause to watch and engage...animation is just perfect for that and more. Have your one-of-a-kind story told in a one-of-a-kind way. Fill out the form below and we'll create something amazing together...

It can seem a little daunting if you haven't worked with animation before, trust me, I get it. You're not sure what you want, or what you want to say, or even how to say it. That's why I have created a collection of animation packages, all at different price points (starting at just $100) to help you navigate and choose. I've worked with many clients who just want to make something sweet but don't know where to start...and that's exactly what I'm here for. Together, we've got this, promise xo

P.S. Did I mention that I even have pre-designed-by-me "templates" that I can customise just for you, with a quick turn around, and an exact price point...for those who just don't like decision making!  My clients love this idea so much that they often commission me to design a template specifically for them so we can animated their new products and services quickly and easily at set times throughout the year. 

I'd like you to send me more info please!

Yay! Pop your details in the form below and I will send you the details about my packages and pricing...I'm excited! :)