Choose your "Peonies & Linen" 8x10 Inch Print...

A monochrome collection of 8x10" prints that is both whimsical and bold...featuring the natural imperfections of hand drawn elements, paint, texta & wood...combined to celebrate the adorable dorks, superheroes and explorers of this world. Printed to order on A4 Museo Portfolio Rag (acid free, archival matte 300GSM cotton rag) in Melbourne, posted from Bendigo, Victoria.

See below for more details.

Woodlands 8x10 Personalised: includes hand drawn elements, wood grain & paint splatters. Text reads "be brave and explore. run barefoot and climb. build forts. cubbies. listen to the rain on the roof of your tent. watch the stars shoot across the night sky. feel the sand between your toes & dream of your tomorrows." The crispness of black and white is combined with a soft warm grey to balance out the personalised design.

I Believe in Superheroes 8x10: bold texta scribbles and lettering encourages believing in superheroes instead of monsters.

Totes Adorkable 8x10: whimsical watercolour lettering combined with painted wooden spectacle frames celebrates the perfect combination of dorky and adorable :)

I have recently opened an Etsy store, though none of these prints are currently listed. Curious to know more?
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