Oomph and Floss

Hi Avanti - Below are the previews for all three videos. They are all private links that can't be shared outside of this page. Underneath those preview videos is the the listing to buy the videos as a digital download. When the purchase is complete you will be able to download a zip file that includes the three videos with the logo + the Toucan video without the logo. If you're not sure about unzipping files just let me know and I'll send you a dropbox link to download them instead :)

The most important thing to remember is when posting them on Instagram, don't let Instagram crop the videos into a square. You also want to choose a cute "cover" from the video in your grid. Instagram will just go with the first frame of the video otherwise. To see a quick video showing how to do both these things inside of the Instagram app, click here.

Toucan, Giraffe and Bear Videos

$200 per video

3 x videos = $600 + music $32 = $632 - deposit $120 = $512.00

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