Frequently Asked Questions…

Now that you have your animation fresh off the press from our collaboration, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your digital products! Scroll down for…

  • How can I tag you?

  • How to Add Text to Video With Instagram (aka the easiest way)

  • Why Choosing a Cover For Your Instagram Video is Important (and how to do it!)

  • Using the Vont App to Add Text to Video (aka my favourite way)


How Can I Tag You?

I look forward to sharing your content on my social media with a link back to you. If you’d like to do the same, my details are below xo


Petit Pixel Design

Instagram: @petitpixeldesign

Facebook: @petitpixeldesign




How to Add Text to Video With Instagram

This is the quickest way if you want a portrait or a landscape video that’s 15 seconds or less in length. You’re going to use the Instagram Stories feature to load the video, add your text, and instead of posting it as a story, saving it instead. Then you have the video with text to post wherever you want! Remember Instagram will even auto crop it as a square when you go to load it as a post to your Instagram feed :)



Why choosing a “cover” for your video on Instagram is important…

It’s all about keeping your Instagram grid looking cute! Watch the video below for a how-to on choosing a cute “cover” aka “thumbnail” when preparing to post your animation or video…



Using the Vont app to add text to video…

What if you want a few more options when adding text to video…like choosing fonts etc? Sooo many “text on video” apps out there use subscription pricing, but Vont is one of the simple easy ones that doesn’t yay! It’s less than $10, and it’s one of my favourite go-to apps…so I did a how-to on this one for you too :)



The range of apps to choose from when adding extras to your already cute videos and animations from me is always changing. It’s one of the fastest growth areas in the apps landscape, and for good reason…everyone wants to use video in their social media because it gets attention and clicks! Lucky for you, making how-to videos for my favourite finds is something I love to do so if you have one you want to know more about let me know…otherwise I’ll keep sharing what I find xo